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Travel Off Path, an American travel information website, announced the top ten countries recommended for single female travelers in 2023.

The ranking is based on the experiences of solo travelers, including the women writers of Traveling Different Paths.Japan ranks fourth

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Iceland tops list of best countries for solo female travelers

The top 10 rankings are as follows.

First place: Iceland
Second place: Slovenia
Third place: United Arab Emirates
Fourth place: Japan
Fifth place: Albania
Sixth place: Argentina
Seventh place: Ireland
Eighth place: Oman
Ninth place: Croatia
Tenth place: Malaysia

First place went to Iceland, which was chosen for its friendly locals, rich natural beauty and being named the safest country in the World Peace Index.

Japan ranks fourth, selected because of good public safety

Japan, ranked 4th, was selected for the convenience of eating and lodging facilities.

Restaurants have single seating and counters, the subway has women-only cars, and accommodation ranges from capsule hotels to traditional hotels for solo travelers. I am.

In terms of safety, it is the third safest country in Asia, the ninth safest country in the world, and was recently ranked the safest country for solo travelers by the Global Peace Index.

Also mentioned that the very polite Japanese locals will be more than happy to help if needed during the trip.

What is off-path travel?

Travel Off Path is a travel information website established in January 2018 in the United States. It introduces unexplored areas and hidden places around the world, providing readers with a new travel experience.

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Off-path travel: Top 10 travel destinations for solo women in 2023

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