Royal Caribbean’s Spectrum Of The Seas Returns To Malaysia’s Ports


Royal Caribbean’s Spectrum of the Seas is back in Malaysia.

With successful stops in Kuala Lumpur on July 1 and Penang on July 2, and after more than two years of sailing with nowhere to go, Malaysia’s tourism industry can look forward to twice-weekly ‘Spectrum of the Seas’ sailings (pictured at Royal Caribbean in In a press release, the product is scheduled to be delivered to a Malaysian port.

Celebrations were held aboard Spectrum of the Seas in recognition of the cruise tourism industry’s new arrivals when she docked at Port Klang in Kuala Lumpur on August 5 and at the Sweetham Jetty Cruise Terminal in Penang on August 6. vitality.

At both ports, senior dignitaries and state officials witnessed plaques and important exchanges between Captain Fleming of the Spectrum of the Seas and port executives.

In Port Klang, the Group Managing Director of MMC Corporation Berhad, Chairman of Port Klang Cruise Terminal, Deputy Deputy Minister of Maritime Affairs, Ministry of Transport, Chief Executive Officer of Tourism Selangor, Director of Immigration Selangor and Royal Caribbean Regional Executive Team and Trading Partners gathered On the Spectrum of the Seas, the ship’s highlights are visited.

This morning in Penang, the Chairman of Penang Tourism and Creative Economy Executive Committee, Chairman of Penang Ports Committee, General Manager of Penang Ports Committee, Chairman of Penang Ports Sdn Bhd and CEO of Penang Ports Sdn Bhd joined Royal Caribbean Executive Team press conference followed by boat tour.

“As the new owner of Port Klang Ferry Terminal, Port Klang Cruise Terminal (PKCT) is truly delighted to see cruise ships resume calling at our terminal. The arrival of Spectrum of the Seas on 1 July 2022 at PKCT is a major milestone, Because it marks the revival of cruise tourism after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-related travel restrictions. We believe cruise ships arrive in Port Klang carrying local and international passengers to restaurants, attractions and shopping malls in Selangor and around Kuala Lumpur , will greatly support Malaysia’s tourism and economy. We have launched a new attraction for passengers – the ‘Cruise Day Carnival’ at PKCT Terminal – in partnership with Tourism Selangor, featuring local delicacies and handicrafts. PKCT is ready to welcome cruise ships to our world-class marina,” said PKCT Chairman Datuk Azman Shah Mohd Yusof.

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown, Malaysia has had more than two years of international cruise ship visits. With the arrival of the Ocean Spectrum, Penang is now poised for a rebound in tourism. In July alone, Penang City Port already serves 13 international routes with a total of nearly 35,000 passengers, of which 27,000 are from the Spectrum of the Seas. As one of the selected ports on the twice-weekly voyage of the Spectrum of the Seas, Penang Port is delighted to warmly welcome and Host Spectrum of the Seas and appreciate the economic growth, joy and benefits this will bring to Penang.” Penang Port Authority Chairman Datuk Tan Tak Seng.

“For two years, our focus has been to keep SPCT’s ships sailing and preparing for the inevitable recovery, and we are now happy to say we are back in business. Thanks to the hard work of all parties, Sweetham Marina Cruises The marina is more advanced than ever. Our facilities and duty-free shop have been updated to accommodate domestic and international guests, and our facilities have been upgraded to meet the needs of local and international travelers. For the first time, our expanded berths have seen two at the marina With an Oasis class vessel on call, we are confident that the resumption of our cruise services will help bring about a paradigm shift for businesses in Penang. Of course Penang Port will be working very hard to take all reasonable precautions to ensure there is no new Covid -19 infections, we urge everyone including tourists to also play their part to break the chain,” said CEO Datuk Sasedharan Vasudevan Penang Port Sdn Bhd

“The wait is over! We are delighted to announce the return of port-of-call cruising in the region and once again connecting holidaymakers with beautiful destinations in Asia. The combination of adventures and experiences we curate on board, with the vibrancy and richness of the Malaysian coast This legacy will make Spectrum of the Seas a huge hit for guests from Singapore as well as flying cruisers from around the world,” said Angie Stephen, Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Royal Caribbean International.


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