Uma Thurman Shares Her Love of Japan in All Nippon Airways’ Sustainably Produced Campaign

Leading creative agency Kemosabe and sustainable production solution Travlrr have teamed up to create the first carbon neutral campaign for a long-term client of Japan’s largest five-star airline, All Nippon Airways (ANA).

Leveraging Clickon, Travlrr’s technology-driven ecosystem, Kemosabe was able to pave the way for sustainable advertising and deliver a fully carbon-neutral production that spanned three countries and involved nine months of work.

The We Are Japan campaign is part of Japan’s post-Covid travel recovery plan, centred on the Japanese concept of ikigai, inviting travelers to discover their own personal “reason to exist”. The campaign launched on June 6 with a dedicated microsite focused on four of Japan’s most culturally significant pillars – health, food, craft and nature hotspots.

This groundbreaking work is the destination’s most interactive and digitally immersive experience to date and is designed to promote Japanese tourism from Europe; the map showcases Japan’s most inspiring products and stories and features 45 experiences across the country. The purpose of the event is to direct the flow of people from the more well-known areas of Japan, such as Tokyo and Kyoto, to lesser-known areas, putting money in the pockets of locals and providing visitors with a complete authentic experience.Not only that, but with the help of Travlrr, it is executed in a revolutionary way, utilizing a solution that truly takes into account the environmental impact of the creative industries

Japan closed its borders amid the pandemic, but the show had to go on. Travlrr’s sustainable remote studio Clickon provides access to more than 1,000 production partners and filming teams around the world at your fingertips, allowing a local Tokyo-based three-person team to move from location to location in Japan, shooting 60 in six weeks Multiple locations during August 2021. In the face of Covid regulations, the Olympics and a string of typhoon seasons, the remote production team structure has been put to the real test, with sustainability first, the three-man team travelled by local cars, flights and ferries, extensively also reducing their tool kits.

Meanwhile, Kemosabe manages the shoot from its London headquarters, using end-to-end workflow technology to review content as it shoots and uploads to the platform, providing real-time feedback to local teams to ensure they capture high-quality content that meets requirements – Save time, investment and the brand’s carbon footprint.

The final piece of the production puzzle was a one-day shoot in New York City with A-List ambassador Uma Thurman, who was the event leader. With the exception of three Kemosabe team members and a client who flew in to supervise the shoot, the campaign used only a local production team in New York City, and the entire process was again managed through Kemosabe’s creative workflow platform.

From the accommodation booked to the batteries and paper used, the environmental impact of every detail element of production has been considered and addressed, again drastically reducing the carbon footprint.

“Kemosabe has long been looking for a more sustainable way to deliver content from overseas. Travlrr answers this brief question from all sides with their innovative approach.

“It’s a huge project with multiple locations, from New York to Japan, 16 hero movies and 240 short films. With the Covid lockdown on the horizon, Travlrr was fully tested with excellent results. Their creative The workflow platform stands out and enables Kemosabe to collaborate with teams from afar to deliver exactly the vision and quality needed. This is the future of production.” – Phill Clark, Kemosabe Creative Director

Kemosabe has a vision to be able to bring it to life with the help of this brilliant sustainable solution, capturing unusual experiences as products using natural content, local culture and the inhabitants of each location as talents. In the end, Kemosabe and Travlrr successfully carried out a campaign with 88.5% less carbon emissions than standard production at this capacity, resulting in a subsequent reduction of 111.66 tons of carbon emissions.

Through this campaign, Kemosabe and Travlrr have also committed to removing more than 15,000 kilograms of carbon by planting trees for each of these two products – ANA is now planting a forest at Trees for Life in Scotland.

Darren Khan, Founder of Travlrr and Chief Commercial Officer of CLICKON, said: “Our on-the-ground teams in Japan manage production sustainably through the authenticity of the content, which enhances the local culture and embraces residents as the project’s talent. Travlrr allows the The local team moved to different locations in Japan to find the right business under the Ikigai name.

The team arrived at their destination by local car, flight and ferry, in groups of three, reducing their kit and allowing travel in a more sustainable size during the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re very proud of the results – both in terms of creative content and achieving net zero throughout the production process. “

Travlrr enables Kemosabe to plan Japan’s travel recovery in the most sustainable way possible. This, in turn, helps ANA, already one of the most sustainable airlines in Asia, to further its environmental cause. Not only have they become as sustainable as possible in the aviation industry itself, but they have also ensured that their marketing solutions are sustainable as well.

With more than 20 years of travel experience, this is the first time Kemosabe has produced such an event, which they believe is the only way forward for travel marketing. In partnership with Travlrr, which provides the most sustainable solutions for the tourism industry, a new approach to online exploration has been created; interactive maps dig deep into the cultural, historical and natural beauty of these locations, revealing not only local life but also ensuring that the event itself The production is also kept as local as possible.

This is the approach and system that Kemosabe plans to implement in all future travel campaigns, and a partnership that will continue to thrive while leading environmentally conscious production and advertising.

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