A Beginner’s Guide To Goa Kayaking Tour & Activities 2024


Whether you are in North Goa or South Goa, kayaking newbies can navigate the ocean and rivers with ease! Canoeing in Goa, India is an adventure sport suitable for everyone and no experience is required.

Having never kayaked before, I decided to have my first kayaking adventure in Goa. After consulting with the kayak operator and learning the basics of the Goan River, I highly recommend this experience to adventure lovers and water lovers. Goa’s pristine nature and calm waters make it especially suitable for beginners.

With a kayak at your disposal, the possibilities are endless – the real beauty of kayaking is immersing yourself in nature and the water. There are two main ways to kayak in Goa: take a guided tour along the rivers and backwaters with a certified operator, or rent a kayak and paddle on your own.

Kayaking cost in Goa: Guided tours typically cost INR 1,500-2,000 (RM85-114), while renting a kayak costs around INR 200-500 (RM11-28) per hour, depending on location and operator Policies vary.

Kayaking along the rivers and backwaters of Goa offers a glimpse of local wildlife and rich biodiversity. These waterways offer a relatively easy kayaking experience compared to the ocean, where waves and tides are unpredictable. However, for those looking for a more physically challenging adventure, there is the option of kayaking in the ocean at certain locations.

Best places for kayaking in North Goa

chapora river

Image source: Konkan Explorers

Chapora has earned a reputation among Bollywood fans with her iconic performances. Dil Chatta Hai Scenery of Chapora Fort, not many travelers know that Chapora River is a beautiful natural gem that is perfect for kayaking in Goa. Canoeing through the mangroves of the Chapora River is an exciting adventure, with the chance to spot rare species such as kingfishers, egrets, ospreys and even crocodiles.

Time+L recommend: I learned to kayak on the Chapora River through Konkan Explorers. During my kayaking trip, I even spotted some adorable otters in their natural habitat, swimming with my kayak. I highly recommend beginners to try kayaking here.

Baga, North Goa

Kayaking in Baga Creek may not offer the prettiest views, but it offers a great experience for newbies in North Goa. The river connecting the famous Baga Beach has become a kayaking spot, offering a journey through bustling commercial life. Visitors can rent kayaks and paddles on their own.

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Bamborine Beach

Image Credit: Adventure Break

The backwaters near Bambolim Beach are ideal for kayaking in North Goa, taking you on a picturesque journey through traditional fishing villages and dense mangroves. What makes Bambolim Beach Kayaking special is that you get the chance to paddle under the moonlight! Some operators like Adventure Breaks offer night canoeing tours seven days a month, providing a rare opportunity to experience canoeing in Goa at night. They also offer sunset kayak tours, allowing you to see the mangroves bathed in the glow of the setting sun.

Best places for kayaking in South Goa

Cola Beach

Image source: manoj_kulkarni/Shutterstock

Cola Beach Lagoon in South Goa has become a tourist hotspot for kayaking beginners, known for its Instagram-worthy views and easy-to-navigate waters. Just rent a kayak and plan a journey through the narrow water, surrounded by towering palm trees and traditional Goan houses. You can immerse yourself in the serene charm of Goa’s countryside and witness the ambience of Susegad while boating.

sal backwaters

Delve deep into the forests of South Goa as you paddle through the Sal backwaters. The journey takes you through mangroves where you can admire blooming lotus flowers, bamboo trees, cashew nuts, rare fish and birds. In addition to being a great spot for kayaking, the shallow water also provides the opportunity for a peaceful stand-up paddling experience. Various tour operators can help adventurers navigate these waters.

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parolin beach

Photo credit: Guzel Gashigullina

Palolem Beach offers a unique ocean kayaking experience in South Goa. Here, many operators provide hourly kayak rental services, allowing tourists to independently enter the ocean adventure. While sea kayaking at Parolin Beach is suitable for beginners, navigating the waves can present some challenges due to the stability of the kayak. If you prefer a quieter experience, consider kayaking in backwaters or rivers instead of the ocean.

Best time and season for canoeing in Goa

Kayaking in Goa is a year-round activity that offers different experiences depending on the season. The monsoon season from June to August offers lush greenery and increased water flow, suitable for an adventurous paddling experience, while the winter season from December to March offers pleasant weather and cool breezes, perfect for relaxing kayaking Boat outing.

It is recommended to plan your kayaking adventure within these optimal time frames for the most enjoyable experience. Avoid kayaking during the dry and wet periods of April to June (just before the monsoon season begins) as weather conditions may make the activity less comfortable.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

– Do I need experience for canoeing in Goa?
No, no experience is required for kayaking in Goa. Activities are suitable for beginners and operators usually provide guidance and equipment to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

– Is canoeing safe in Goa?
Yes, kayaking in Goa is considered safe and operators usually provide participants with life jackets and basic instructions.

– Is canoeing safe for children in Goa?
Yes, kayaking in Goa is generally safe for children as long as they are accompanied by an adult and wear appropriate safety gear.

– What to wear while kayaking in Goa?
It is recommended to wear comfortable, lightweight clothing such as loose-fitting shorts and a T-shirt while kayaking in Goa, with a swimsuit underneath if you plan to get wet.


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