Here are the best travel destinations for 2023, according to Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet, the authoritative publisher of travel guides, was established in 1973. In addition to travel guides, they also produce monthly magazines and travel programs.One of the highlights of the year lonely planet is their list of the top travel destinations in the world.Manchester just cracked the top of the table Top Destinations in 2023. you want to know if manchester Where is the best place to travel in 2023? Let’s take a look at this north-west tip of England and see what excites potential visitors.

7 Best Places to Visit in Manchester

Unlike the other territories of the British Union, Manchester’s history is fairly recent. Until the 19th century, Manchester was a simple Lancastrian town. Following the industrial boom of the early 19th century, Manchester began to develop rapidly due to sprawling urbanization and an expanding textile industry.

Manchester today is a post-industrial city with a rich township heritage and Victorian atmosphere, and is home to several sporting and media organisations.

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castlefield canal

The first thing you do when you set foot in Manchester is to visit Castlefield’s canals. The canal and its surrounding Victorian buildings have been restored and are now part of the city’s heritage park.

A walk along the canal will take you to the Roman Fort and Bridgewater. Here you’ll find a variety of cruise options for a Venetian experience in Manchester.

If you’re passionate about art and opera, be sure to check out Castlefield Art Gallery and Bridgewater Hall.

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Imperial War Museum North

Anyone interested in war history should not miss the Imperial War Museum North Wing. It is an extension of the main museum located in London.

Established in 2002, the Manchester branch houses an impressive collection of war weapons and fighter jets which were used in several of the UK’s engagements. But perhaps the best thing about the museum is the documentary about the history of the war.

Impressive audiovisual effects transport visitors back to prehistoric times up to the last world war.

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manchester cathedral

Much of Britain’s history revolves around the Church of England and its associated cathedrals. These stately buildings are a major tourist destination in almost every corner of the UK. Manchester is no exception.

Here, visitors can visit the historic Manchester Cathedral, built in the mid-15th century. Although it is relatively new compared to its peers, centuries of history still testify to the city’s rise as a famous British metropolis.

Whether it’s the choir stalls, the tapestries or the tragic; Manchester Cathedral is sure to take your breath away.

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Manchester Museum

One of the most famous buildings on Oxford Road is the Manchester Museum. It is currently part of the University of Manchester and prides itself on being the largest university museum in the world.

Manchester Museums house around 4.5 million artifacts and historical documents. The museum is particularly proud of its collection of Chinese culture. The museum is undergoing a major renovation and is expected to welcome the new year with an opening in early 2023.

Manchester Football Museum

Anyone who knows a little about football has heard of Manchester City and Manchester United. Two top English Premier League clubs share their home ground in Manchester. It is therefore only fitting that the city has its own football museum.

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The museum is sure to take you on a journey down memory lane. The impressive documentary on display here is sure to give any die-hard fan the creeps. The museum also houses important memorabilia from both clubs’ long and illustrious histories.

China Town

Chinatown is home to Manchester’s Chinese community. The way they’ve grown the community here is a miracle in itself. Stepping into the gate, it feels like being in a real Chinese city.

This place has some fine Chinese architecture that is sure to fascinate you. In addition, the main streets are full of Chinese cultural souvenir shops. But this place is actually famous for its Chinese food. If you’re in Manchester and craving authentic Chinese food, look no further than Chinatown.

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how to get to manchester

Most people fly direct to Manchester International Airport. However, if you are passing through London, there are many options for you to choose from.

From London to Manchester you can travel by plane, bus or train. Airfare costs around USD 70 or 7070 BDT, while bus and train costs USD 20 and USD 100 or 2020 BDT and 10100 BDT respectively (1 USD = 101 BDT).

The best way to get around inside Manchester is by bus or tram. Visitors can get daily tram or bus passes from £6.60 to £10 per day or from 806 BDT to 1221 BDT (1 GBP = 122 BDT).

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Accommodation in Manchester

If you’re traveling as a family or couple, there are a number of hotels and hostels to choose from in the Greater Manchester area. However, the way to save money is to book an Air BnB. An Air BnB in Manchester city area costs around $35-50 per night or 3535 BDT or 5050 BDT.

However, if you are traveling alone then we recommend booking one of the many available hostels in the city. All-inclusive rates at hotels tend to range between $15 and $20 per night or between 1515 BDT and 2020 BDT.

If you’re looking for something special, head to Laundrette, Delhi House, Slug and Lettuce or Double Zero Neapolitan. Fine dining restaurants in Manchester can cost up to $50 per person. But a simple takeout or walk-in will cost between $10 and $15.

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final words

although manchester The city is world famous for its football heritage and home of higher education, but has many more fascinating aspects and tourist attractions.The city was selected List of Top Travel Destinations in 2023 go through lonely planet. So when are you planning your trip to Manchester?

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