YouTuber RiceGum calls out disrespect for Hong Kong travel vloggers

YouTuber RiceGum calls out disrespect for Hong Kong travel vloggers

RiceGum is a YouTube firebrand involved in clickbait culture, creating series like Strip fortnite, started feuding with other creators, and was known for saying outlandish things. But a new video has drawn attention from international media and other creators, who have accused him of disrespecting the Chinese people and Chinese culture.

“Why I left Clout House (I’m sorry)” RiceGum and his friends found out on a short trip to Hong Kong. After a quick tour of the hotel room, the pair went on to call Chinese meat “disgusting”, ask where they could go and eat every dog ​​and cat, ask locals “where are all the hoes and bitches”, touch strangers inappropriately hands and aggressively ask them casually on the street if they “fuck with RiceGum,” a common phrase in North America.

Multiple reports from Chinese media and some vloggers have accused RiceGum of disrespectful behavior, which has drawn comparisons to Logan Paul’s infamous vlog series in Japan. Fulinfang, one of the most popular foreign vloggers in China, addressed the issue in his vlog. Fulinfang said that whenever a YouTube user posts disrespectful content, like RiceGum’s vlog, it has a bad influence on other foreigners living in the country.

“I looked at the comments on the vlogs, and most people didn’t like it,” Fulinfang said. “I have actually seen a lot of foreigners like this, and many people who hate me think this is how I behave. Although I think I respect Chinese culture and like living in China, such videos are harmful to those who live here. Foreigners bring a bad name. I think it doesn’t matter if you’re a local or a foreigner, or you’re just traveling — everyone should respect the locals. They should also respect the local culture.”

Another British YouTuber, HeyHarty, who lives in China, also commented on RicecGum’s video, saying he “can’t understand why someone would do this”.

“RiceGum, it’s very rude and embarrassing to see someone doing this,” HeyHarty said. “His video is so stupid. It reminds me of Logan Paul’s video in Japan being an idiot. I’m a foreigner, and so is he, obviously of Asian descent, why are you robbing people in Asia?”

Publications such as Eastern Sunday have also commented on RiceGum’s vlogs, finding many of his jokes to be culturally insensitive and rude.

RiceGum addressed the situation in a video yesterday, reiterating that he had been joking and pointing to American comedy culture as a defense.

“The Chinese are hating me now, like, I’m Chinese too,” RiceGum said. “In American culture, I love watching black comedians make jokes about black stereotypes. White people make white jokes, Hispanics make Hispanic jokes, and I think because I’m Asian, I’m allowed to make jokes about these Asian stereotypes .”

RiceGum also talks about asking strangers, “Where’s the hoe” and “Where’s the bitch,” again defending it as a joke.

“It’s such a casual question to ask an older stranger,” RiceGum said. “Second, in America, it’s like slang. Thots and hoe and bitches, it’s like girls, not actual whores.”

He also apologized, adding that he wanted to visit Hong Kong again soon, but admitted to being scared because of the reaction to the vlog.

“Sorry to all the Chinese, I don’t mean to be disrespectful,” RiceGum said a little glib. “I want to come back as soon as possible, but I’m kind of scared right now because people might hit me, beat me up.”

Tour guides for tourists to Hong Kong advise people to learn about cultural customs beforehand. It feels especially important to reiterate how important it is to understand what is culturally acceptable and what is not, after numerous vloggers, including RiceGum and Logan Paul, have been accused of misbehaving in Asian countries.

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