Yokohama Business Events Website Redesign

Discover Yokohama here and now with a technical tour and new video

this Yokohama Convention and Visitors Bureau (YCVB) website is an important point of contact for meeting organizers and incentive travel planners in Japan and around the world.

“Today, we announce that our website has been completely redesigned and now offers a new exclusive experience for business events – an experience that can only be experienced in the city of Yokohama. On our new website, organizers can find convenient ways to add value of meetings and attract more attendees as people return to live events.”

Yokohama is a global leader in international conventions, with numerous event facilities, first-class accommodation and convenient tourist attractions located within the Yokohama Bay Area. Given the growing need to engage closely with local communities and the many different types of business activity, we have created a new web page with a technical access program and giving sustainability a greater place in our content.

Additionally, video interviews with international conference organizers and local industry representatives are available on the newly expanded website. Our aspiration is to showcase Yokohama here and now – not only to introduce the city to first-time international organizers, but to reconnect regulars with the city – to show everyone that such a vibrant city is every day Every moment offers a day of new discoveries for everyone.

“In particular, our Technology Access Program provides a rare insight into the innovative spirit and diversity of thought that is thriving in the Yokohama region. We are proud to bring this world to international attention. YCVB creates invaluable connections and Exciting opportunity to enhance the value of holding a meeting in the iconic city of Yokohama.”

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