Yodobashi Akiba – The World’s Largest Electronics Store in Tokyo

For rich geeks, Yodobashi Akihabara Store It’s Paradise – a nine-story building filled with high-tech equipment, considered by many to be the world’s largest electronics store, located in TokyoThe geek district of Akihabara.

The world’s largest electronics store in Tokyo

Yodo Bridge Actually quite a well-known electronics chain in Japan, but this store goes above and beyond their normal offerings – towering over JR (Tokyo’s suburban railway system) Akihabara Station, it’s decorated with brightly colored cartoon characters, even if you wanted to.

Why are you doing this? As well as selling just about any electronics a geek could want (and of course, the back streets of Akihabara where you’d need to buy those very far-flung things), there’s also a restaurant if shoppers need it. Spend their hard-earned yen while enjoying refreshments.

It’s family friendly so expect to see kids running around (especially in the toy model department) but the aisles are wide so shouldn’t be a problem.

It also hosts familiarization classes, seminars/demos for buyers and houses a golf shop.

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