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Yakitori is delicious! “Izakaya Tadashi (MASA)” @ Vientiane, Laos

Vientiane is the capital of Laos, bordering Thailand. The hotel staff told me there was a popular Japanese restaurant, so I went to Izakaya Masa.

Izakaya Tadashi is located on Phonsinuan Street, near the Thai Consulate. Look for the signboard for “Masashi” and the red banner for yakitori.

After entering, there are counter seats, and there are seats at the back and on the second floor. This time I sat at the counter seat on the first floor, and customers kept coming in even while I was eating. Chefs and waiters never have time to rest. The interior looks like a Japanese-style izakaya, which feels good. According to the clerk, the owner is Lao Tian.

I don’t drink alcohol, so this time I ordered various onigiri and yakitori. Drink herbal tea.

In fact, there are grilled onigiri on the menu, but no onigiri. So I asked, “Do you have plain rice balls that are not cooked?” And that was the result.

It turns out that the onigiri made by sprinkling bonito flakes on the rice and mixing it with soy sauce is actually baked! The price is 30,000 keep, so about 60 baht. I ordered two, each with mentaiko and salmon.

The most important thing is the taste, but “it’s delicious!” I ate two large glutinous rice balls because they were delicious. Even if you bake this, it must be delicious.

Next is the yakitori platter for 5 pieces of 60,000 keep, so it is about 120 baht. Yakitori professional chefs have been grilling, so you can say that it is a popular menu item.

This is a yakitori platter.

All of them were well cooked and very tasty! The yakitori banner in front of the store is not outdated, but it is a specialty of “Izakaya Masa”!

To be honest, when I first entered the izakaya, I didn’t have high expectations. If you are visiting Vientiane, Laos, why not go to Fontinoy Street?

The bill for the day was about 300 baht.

Izakaya is

(business hours)
Sunday off
Phonsinuan St., Vientiane, Laos
+856 21 261 634
(Web page)

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