Xi Jinping: Xi Jinping: China’s proposal on Ukraine reflects global unity of opinion

BEIJING: Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Monday that Beijing’s proposals on how to resolve the Ukraine crisis reflected a global view and sought to undo the consequences, but acknowledged that the solution would not be easy.
In an essay published at the start of his visit to Moscow – the first by a world leader since the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin – Xi Jinping also called for “pragmatism” towards Ukraine.
The Chinese proposal, a 12-point document released last month, represented “unifying the views of the international community as much as possible,” Xi wrote in an article in Russia’s Gazette, a daily newspaper published by the Russian government, according to a Reuters translation. “From Russian.
“The document is a constructive element in overcoming the consequences of the crisis and promoting a political solution. There are no simple solutions to complex problems.”
Xi Jinping has sought to portray China as a global peacemaker and mold it into a responsible great power. China has publicly maintained its neutrality in the Ukraine conflict, while criticizing Western sanctions on Russia and reaffirming close ties with Moscow.
The U.S. and NATO recently accused China of considering supplying arms to Russia and warned Beijing against doing so. China dismissed the allegations.
A peaceful resolution of the situation in Ukraine would also “ensure the stability of global production and supply chains,” Xi wrote.
He called for a “rational way” to get out of the crisis, that is, “all of us will continue dialogue and consultation in an equal, prudent, and pragmatic manner under the guidance of a common, comprehensive, common, and sustainable security concept.”
Xi said his trip to Russia was aimed at strengthening the friendship between the two countries, “an all-round partnership and strategic interaction” in a world threatened by “hegemony, authoritarianism and bullying practices”.
“There is no universal model of government, and no world order in which decisive discourse belongs to one country,” Xi wrote. “The world is united and peaceful, neither divided nor turbulent, and in line with the common interests of all mankind.”

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