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Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Hong Kong on the 30th and finally left mainland China after 893 days. The country’s “zero coronavirus” policy has thoroughly suppressed the new coronavirus as geopolitical tensions escalate and the country’s diplomatic isolation deepens.

According to local media reports, Xi Jinping arrived in Hong Kong on the afternoon of the 30th to attend the commemorative ceremony marking the 25th anniversary of Britain’s return to China. He is expected to spend the night in Shenzhen, in neighboring Guangdong province, without stopping there.

After taking office, Xi Jinping stated that “one country, two systems” is a good system that will ensure Hong Kong’s long-term prosperity and stability. He said that in the past five years, Hong Kong has overcome “risks and challenges” and will make new and greater contributions to the “great reunification” of the motherland.

Video of President Xi Jinping at the exhibition commemorating the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China

Photographer: Paul Yeung/Bloomberg

President Xi has not left China since the outbreak of the coronavirus. He has been away from mainland China since visiting Myanmar on January 18, 2020, before Wuhan, Hubei province went into lockdown (urban lockdown).

U.S.-China relations have soured amid the pandemic. Conflict over imports of high-tech products such as semiconductors, political freedom in Hong Kong, and suspicions of genocide (genocide) in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Relations with Australia have also cooled as the previous Australian government called for an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus. In addition, tensions in the Asia-Pacific region have risen as China ramps up military pressure on Taiwan.

Zero Covid travel

Xi Jinping spends longest time at home among G20 leaders

Source: Data compiled by Bloomberg

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“Continuing to stay in China has had a negative impact on President Xi’s international influence, but we are trying to mitigate the impact by engaging in activities online,” said Liu Dongshu, an assistant professor of Chinese politics at City University of Hong Kong. “But you can’t even have an informal meeting at an international event without being there in person,” he said.

“The main reason for Xi Jinping’s visit to Hong Kong is that China needs to show that Hong Kong has stabilized and successfully restored political order,” Liu said.

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China is tightening its grip on Hong Kong.Interview with Stephen Engel on Bloomberg

Source: Bloomberg

original title:Xi Jinping finally left mainland China after 893 days at home. Xi said that one country and two systems ensure the stability of Hong Kong (抜粋)

(Update the third paragraph of President Xi’s speech)

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