World Travel Network’s New Voices for SMEs at TIME 2023

The World Travel Network is gearing up for TIME 2023 in Bali to encourage a strong voice for SMEs in the tourism industry.

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The World Tourism Network is a non-governmental initiative with members in 133 countries. Launched in Berlin, Germany during the canceled ITB 2020, WTN is based in Honolulu, Hawaii and has been rising with powerful new voices since March 2020.

After two years of extensive discussions on rebuilding travel, WTN has positioned itself as the new voice for SMEs in the global travel and tourism industry. Engaging government and big business, and providing new, powerful voices for SMEs – that’s what attendees at the upcoming TIME Executive Summit 2023 should look forward to. TIME 2023 will be held from September 29th to 30th at Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa In Bali, Indonesia.

The World Travel Network (WTN) Indonesia Chapter, led by Chairman Mudi Astuti, is currently working tirelessly with WTN stakeholders around the world to lead WTN and its SME travel and tourism membership.

Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Industries, Sandiaja Salahuddin Uno, Had a phone discussion yesterday with Bartlett, Minister of Tourism of Jamaica and founder of the Center for Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management.

dear.Minister Bartlett – Photo courtesy of Jamaica Ministry of Tourism

Today, following instructions from the Indonesian and Jamaica Tourism Ministers, Indonesia and Jamaica formed a working group to work with GTRCMC and its CEO, Prof. Lloyd Wallace, so that the first ASEAN Tourism Resilience Center can be launched in Bali and at TIME 2023 announced, upcoming WTN Executive Summit.

TPCC team
Pictured from left to right: Prof. Daniel Scott, Prof. Geoffrey Lipman, Dr. Debbie Hopkins, Dr. Johanna Loehr, Prof. Xavier Font

At the same time, Professor Geoffrey Lipman from SUNX Malta and UK CEO Ged Brown will also launch the Climate Friendly Travel Club

WTN founder and chairman Juergen Steinmetz will explain the new 5 SMILE star certification for small and medium travel and tourism businesses, which will bring instant recognition and new business to WTN members.

Jurgen Steinmetz
Juergen Steinmetz, Chairman and Founder, World Travel Network

“Indonesia is the perfect location to host our first physical Global Executive Summit. SMEs in tourism are the backbone of the business community in Bali and the rest of Indonesia. Indonesia knows SMEs matter!”

Jurgen Steinmetz, Chairman, World Travel Network

13 international delegates from around the world will join 27 delegates from Indonesia Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa Held in Bali, Indonesia from September 29th to 30th. Discussions are open to 150 WTN members and observers.

Alain St. Ange, former Seychelles Minister of Tourism and current WTN Vice President, will present the role of islands and island nations.

alan st angel

Montenegro Tourism Director and Deputy Minister Aleksandra Gardasevic Slavuljica is a member of the Executive Committee and leads the World Travel Network Senior Balkan Tourism Interest Group. She will present the role of SMEs in small European countries and the emerging European Balkans.

Tanja Mihalic, Slovenia, SEBLU Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; Dean of Evergreen State College, Toronto, Canada will focus on education.

Dr. Aleksandra Gardasevic Slavuljica is Director General of Tourism Development Policy, Government of Montenegro
Dr. Aleksandra Gardasevic Slavuljica is Director General of Tourism Development Policy, Government of Montenegro

Dr Birgit Trauer, Founding Director of The Culture Angle Australia, will represent the cultural aspect.

Gail Parsonage of the Australian International Institute for Tourism and Peace will provide feedback on the role of peace and tourism.

Neena Jabbal is a Kenyan SME who runs Aslan Adventure Tours And Travel Ltd. She will point out the business opportunities and role of SMEs in tourism in her home country of Kenya and East Africa.

International representatives will work together with senior Indonesian partners such as Hon. Indonesian Minister of Tourism, Governor or Deputy Governor of Bali Province, Chairman of Bali Tourism Board, Indonesian Travel Agency Association, Hotel and Catering Association leaders, Traditional Leaders, Turkish Airlines, Marriott Hotel and resort leadership, among others.

Dr Widya Murni (AWMI/IHTPB) will incorporate integrative and functional medicine practitioners as well as medical tourism.

World Travel Network's New Voices for SMEs at TIME 2023 8

On 30 September, WTN President Dr Peter Tarlow will lead a tourism safety and security training and tourism police training session, followed by networking opportunities and a family trip to Bali for participating SME travel companies.

hero award

The Hero Awards will be presented at a gala dinner on September 29, with short video greetings from WTN chapter leaders from around the world.

PATA Indonesia is one of many local partners of World Travel Network Indonesia.

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