Will Sweeney “Bad Ley Line” April 28-May 14, 2023


Will Sweeney Solo Exhibition “Bad Leyline” / KOMIYAMA TOKYO G

Will Sweeney “Bad Ley Line” April 28-May 14, 2023 KOMIYAMA TOKYO G
Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.
Business hours: 12:00-18:30 * Sunday and Monday 12:00-17:30 Transportation: 1F D Dai2-Ryumeikan Bldg. 3-20-4 Kanda Ogawamachi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0052

Will Sweeney Solo Exhibition
“Bad Lay Line” KOMIYAMA TOKYO G is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of British artist Will Sweeney. With the theme of “retro future”, Will Sweeney continues to depict a world where past and future, progress and regression are intertwined. Unfolding with psychedelic tones and precise lines, the story has its roots in the British counterculture where artists were born and raised in the 80s/90s. “Bad Leyline,” featuring more than 40 works, will reminisce about the counterculture that has shaped Will since his teenage years.

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A counterculture in music, fashion and the arts that developed from the late ’60s connects people to ancient energies and life in the natural world at rave-centric festivals. Going back to the pre-Christian era in the philosophical atmosphere of the time is the source of Will’s imagination of fictional civilizations and gods. Starting from dub and acid house, underground comics, graffiti, Japanese monsters and other music, this exhibition is autobiographical, with elements that transcend genres and eras. I am drawing a long story. Additionally, the recently established calligraphic brush technique combines classic Japanese prints such as Hokusai with HR Gieger’s biomechanical art and 70s sci-fi art using an airbrush. The artist’s method of expression reflects the characteristics of base and is still evolving today. Enjoy Will Sweeney’s “Ura Kaido” (Bad Ley Line), which connects dots of new creation in uncertain times.
“Leylines, which refer to ancient energy lines carved into the land, are considered lines on maps that radiate positive karma and good vibrations, and are avenues for people to connect and transcendentally transport to another place. It is said that if we Stepping into imaginary worlds from the “Bad Leyline” where we are, we might discover another.” – Will Sweeney

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Graphic artist from London. After studying illustration at the Royal College of Art, he has worked in a wide range of fields, from textiles and record jackets for fashion labels, to manga and animation. Use psychedelic colors and precise lines to depict a miniature floating in an unknown dimension. The imaginary cities and creatures are freely drawn with clever shadows, bringing the viewer into the eternal story and making us feel the vitality hidden in the motif. His style has resonated with artists around the world, including fashion labels like Undercover, Brain Dead, and Stella Mccartney, as well as musicians like The Horrors, BECK, and Osees.Bad leylinesKOMIYAMA TOKYO G is pleased to announce Will Sweeney’s solo exhibition “Bad Ley Line”. This is a recent collection of Sweeney’s drawings, prints and paintings inspired by ritual concepts, invented folklore and memories of the British counterculture growing up in the 80s and 90s. Will’s teenage years were spent at raves and festivals in the English countryside, and the counterculture that began in the late 1960s and developed into the 1970s persisted in music, fashion and the arts. The idea of ​​a connection to the pre-Christian pagan era has to do with Sweeney’s vision of alternative religions and gods. Music festivals and raves can be out-of-bounds rituals, connecting people with energy lines of the ancient world and spirits in nature. Leylines represent ancient energy lines, embedded in the earth, that usually have positive karma and good vibrations. Since his first visit to Japan, Sweeney has been fascinated by the concept of Yokai and the many monster and alien characters in Japanese pop culture, which have greatly influenced his work, and many of the characters in the show are imaginary Gods and monsters from fictional civilizations. In recent years, Sweeney has been developing a painting style using Japanese calligraphy brushes, and most of the works in the exhibition are presented in this style. This way of working is influenced by a combination of classic Japanese prints such as Hokusai, HR Gieger’s biomechanical art, and the airbrush fantasy and sci-fi art of the 1970s. Since moving to Tokyo, Sweeney’s retro/futuristic narrative has intensified his mystical creations.
“A leyline is a line along which we can travel, and the journey may be transgressive. Perhaps our current journey is on a bad leyline. If we push forward to the other side, we may find a good one.” -Way El Sweeney

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Graphic artist from London, currently living in Tokyo. Since studying illustration at the Royal College of Art, he has worked across fashion textiles, music packaging, comics and animation. , thin line. Fictional cities and civilizations are freely presented in exquisite tones, immersing viewers in a timeless story that reveals the underlying life force within its subject matter. His style has resonated with artists worldwide, including fashion labels like UNDERCOVER, Brain Dead, and Stella Mccartney, and musicians like The Horrors, BECK, and Osees.

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