Why Traveling to Bali Is About to Get Easier and Better Than Ever

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Why Traveling to Bali Is About to Get Easier and Better Than Ever

Bali is celebrating the success of 290 new guides who are ready to head to the island and provide tourists with a gold standard of service.

A whole new generation of tour guides was certified travel competency this week, just in time for the peak holiday season.

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The team of 290 new tour guides and hotel staff are now ready to take their work in the tourism industry to the next level.

This qualification demonstrates their competence in many different areas of the hospitality industry.

I Gusti Ayu Laxmy Saraswaty, Director of Denpasar District Tourism Office, explained what the Tourism Competency Certification actually means.

He explained: “By providing competency certification for hotel and restaurant staff as well as tour guides, we hope that human resources in the tourism industry will have the appropriate competency skills for their field. This is an indicator of quality tourism in Denpasar (and beyond). “

Saraswati said he hoped the newly qualified would receive this type of training throughout their careers and see their potential to be hugely successful in the island’s tourism industry.

I Wayan Hendaryana, Head of Tourism Resources and Creative Economy, Denpasar City Tourism and Information Bureau, was also present at the award ceremony.

He shared, “We conducted a competency test in March 2023. Then we issued 200 certificates of competency to hotel and restaurant staff and 90 certificates to tour guides in Denpasar. We pass licensed professional certification bodies ( LSP) in partnership with the National Professional Accreditation Body (BNSP).”

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So, while this is great news for all those who have earned their certificates, what does it mean for tourists? So many good things!

Bali is a world leader in tourism. From hotels to restaurants, from tour guides to tourist attractions, the island has earned a solid reputation for smart work and hospitality.

Whenever investment is made in improving the skills of tourism workers in Bali, tourists are bound to benefit, whether it is better service or high-quality service personnel working in tourism facilities on the island.

The Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, recently announced that tourists must hire the services of registered tour guides when visiting major attractions and exploring the island, especially temples and holy places.

It is clear that Governor Koster and his provincial government want to see more high-quality tourism in Bali and want to strictly regulate what tourists can and cannot do.

Tourists stand out at the gate of the Paradise Temple in Bali
Why Traveling to Bali Is About to Get Easier and Better Than Ever 10

For example, the Governor has proposed a complete ban on tourists driving vehicles rented on the island, relying instead on privately hired drivers and guides.

While the plan is still at the proposal stage, Governor Coster has issued a series of codes of conduct for tourists to Bali and reiterated laws regarding foreigners driving in Indonesia.

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Behind the scenes, Bali’s tourism industry is investing in workforce diversification and upskilling. Just last month, the Padang County Office of Small Business and Trade held a barista training course for young people.

The 28 recruited local baristas will be taught everything they need to know to become top baristas and server staff.

Padang Regency is the busiest tourist area in Bali with major destinations such as Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Nusa Dua and Uluwatu.

Visitors can look forward to seeing improvements to the south coast’s already highly competitive first-class cafe scene, as such training continues to be delivered.

Barista Cafes in Bali
Why Traveling to Bali Is About to Get Easier and Better Than Ever 12

Likewise, the Badong county government has invested in bread and pastry training for local bakers.

The content of the training covers not only baking education, but also service and business management.

Once the trainees complete the course, they will be able to apply for jobs in top Bali hotels and restaurants and even start their own businesses, bringing more innovation and diversity to Bali’s culinary scene, officials said.

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