Why Our Japanese Food Tour Was A Nightmare And A Dream

Vacations are the best, but it takes a lot of planning.

eel is a state of mind eelthe Japanese word for freshwater eel, usually served with rice

Vacations are the best, but it takes a lot of planning. Money has to be saved, time off has to be arranged for everyone involved, meals have to be planned, and so on. That’s what our early June foodie tour of Japan is about. The Japan Tourism Bureau (JTB) planned my food trip months in advance. reserved. Everything is perfect.

On June 10th, the day before all my participants’ dream vacations, Philippine Airlines (PAL) notified the agency that our Manila-Fukuoka flight would be cancelled. Prosperity! No reason was given. It was just canceled. We were told we could leave the next day and adjust accordingly. This option is not possible. My other option is to fly to Osaka. We chose this compromise. So at 9 am on June 12, we left Manila and headed for Osaka. It was a tragedy, but it struck an immediate chord with those involved, still thrilling. No complaints, but we were frustrated.


The freshly sliced ​​sashimi is delicious Toro Sashimi Served with soy sauce and freshly grated wasabi

We landed in Osaka, took a one-hour bus ride to the train station, and then took a three-and-a-half hour train ride to Fukuoka. After a 9am start to the day and back to the hotel at 11pm we were all tired. Not only that, but we lost two meals. Advance payment cannot be refunded etc. This is ramen lunch and A5 Wagyu Sukiyaki Dinner was arranged on the first day of our food tour.
The next day, the smile was contagious.We first visited the Willow Bridge Market, where I assured the participants that I would bring them three big chunks first Toro Sashimi Served with freshly grated soy sauce mustard. It melts in your mouth, it’s just amazing!Since then we have had a superior Tonkatsu Served with tempura shrimp for lunch. Also excellent! Then proceed to the Tosu Outlet Store for shopping. That night, dinner was all about crab.


Ramen Land Sesame Ramen (top), Rib Ramen, and a plate of dumplings (bottom) will surely warm your heartviber_image_2023-06-21_10-32-37-690.jpg

The next day, Wednesday, we took another train, this time to Hiroshima, and we had lunch at the train station. I recommend the dry sesame ramen from a stall called “Musashibo”. It’s delicious and different. Everyone is very happy. We then headed to the Hiroshima War Memorial where we were all in awe of the devastation this atomic bomb wrought.

That night, we surrendered to the all-you-can-eat I believe dinner. very good. In between, we shop at Donki, Japan’s ultimate shopping store. You can haggle a lot if you know what to look for.

Premium Meat and Beef I believe baked to perfection

The next day, we took a boat to Miyajima to explore this World Heritage Site. For lunch we had grilled oysters with shrimp, Hokkaido scallops and fried oysters. Japanese rice cooked in oyster broth. This meal is the most memorable meal for many people.
We took the Shinkansen to Osaka, but before going to bed at night, we had an unagi dinner. Everyone gave a thumbs up.
The next day we shopped at the outlet store. As if shopping wasn’t enough bliss, we had an A5 Wagyu Teppanyaki for lunch. winner!For dinner, the group ate an all-you-can-eat A5 hot pot Wagyu Again, but I skipped it. I just went to Daiso 100 yen store for some last minute shopping.

The next day, we flew back to Manila. Early the next morning, JTB representative Melody informed me that our PAL flight to Manila had been canceled again. We both rebooked our flight for June 18th, two days later than our original departure date. Other airlines would book us a five-star hotel, plus meals and airfare, to make up for the inconvenience. But our national airline, Philippine Airlines (PAL), doesn’t even bother to explain.

In the end, JTB decided at its own expense to arrange for us to fly to Haneda, Tokyo, and return to Manila on a PAL flight. Our flight from Osaka to Manila was supposed to be around 3:30pm, but we arrived in Haneda at 10:30pm and our PAL flight to Manila was scheduled to leave at 1:30am. Due to delays, the time was pushed to 3:30 am. We are all tired and frustrated. In the end, we set off at 4am and arrived in Manila four hours later. It took us 11 hours to get home from Japan, which is only three and a half hours away. Hey Naku, what a nightmare! But what about our PAL crew? I love them. As soon as I stepped on board, I felt like coming home! Also, we had a lot of fun with our Japanese food tour!
Happy eating!

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