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Where to go to make your pounds go further, from Albania to Sri Lanka

Where to go to make your pounds go further, from Albania to Sri Lanka

Hideaway hotels in Sri Lanka are great value for money (Image: Supplied)

The pound may not perform well against the euro and dollar, but it offers great value when exchanged into many other currencies.

Here are five resorts that pounds will buy you more.

Sri Lanka

1 British Pound = 450 Sri Lankan Rupee
beer: Average £0.90
coffee: Average £1.10
Three-course meal: Average £4.50

Hideaway’s food deserves a lot of credit (Image: Supplied)

While the individual costs of traveling to Sri Lanka – airfare and hotel – aren’t any cheaper than they used to be, the costs on the ground are certainly cheaper. This is because the country’s rupee lost half its value following the recent economic turmoil.

With the protests over and the streets safe, the savvy strategy is to find digs that are good value for the money, then visit the marvelous historic sites with dining out and chartered driver-guides (see Blue Lanka Tours).

where to live: Hideaway is a 14-room boutique hotel with swimming pool, cocktail bar and yoga classes on the choppy Arugam Bay. From £61.


£1 = 23.30 Turkish Lira
beer: Average £1.60
coffee: Average £1.30
Three-course meal: Average £7.50

At this all-inclusive resort in Fethiye, Turkey, you don’t have to worry about a thing (Image: Supplied)

Fifteen months ago, one pound could buy 12.50 lire; by early 2023, that figure has almost doubled due to Turkey’s debt crisis. Despite Turkey’s rising inflation, it’s still the best price for an Ottoman holiday in decades, especially if you turn to the beaches of the Turquoise Coast – named for its azure waters – as well as Fethiye, Marmaris or Bodrum and other resort towns.

Where to stay: At Tui Blue Sensatori in Fethiye, seven nights in June start from £899, all-inclusive.


1 British Pound = 440 Hungarian Forint
beer: Average £1.30
coffee: Average £1.40
Three-course meal: £16 on average.

View image of Europe’s largest medicinal bath in Hungary (Credit: Getty)

While Hungary’s economic downturn has forced some restaurants and hotels to close in elegant Budapest, tourists can spend more. This includes the city’s thermal baths, as well as the sandy beaches of Lake Balaton further west. Hotels are an exception, but you can change that by checking into an Airbnb.

where to live: Karoly Korut 9, a stylish two-bedroom loft in central Budapest’s Belvaros district, is for sale on Airbnb for 52p.


£1 = 132 Albanian Lek
beer: Average £1.10
coffee: Average £1.10
Three-course meal: Average £12

Enjoy fresh seafood on the waterfront at the Cosmo Hotel (Photo: Supplied)

Other Balkan destinations are attracting bargain hunters as Croatia joins the euro zone this year. Albania, where medieval hilltop castles and glorious ruins give way to long sandy beaches, is in vogue. Consider these prices in late April: flights from London back to Tirana start from £110, including luggage (EasyJet), while accommodation by the sea costs just £57 a night. outstanding.

where to live: The Cosmo Hotel in Durres, whose garden restaurant serves fresh seafood.


1 British Pound = 229 Argentine Pesos
beer: Average £1.50
coffee: Average £1.40
Three-course meal: Average £11

The bustling capital Buenos Aires (Image: Getty)

In 2017, your hard-earned £10 was worth 230 Argentine pesos; fast forward to today, and it’s 2,285. Hotels are still priced in dollars and flights are expensive, even though inflation is also skyrocketing, which still means you can enjoy world-class wine and steak for a fraction of the price.

where to live: Located in trendy Palermo, Buenos Aires, Hotel Costa Rica features 20 high-ceilinged bedrooms and tree-lined terraces. From £63.

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