Where to celebrate Songkran 2024 in Phuket

Photo: Songkran Foam Party at Lub d Phuket Patong (left)/Four Points by Sheraton Phuket (right)

Songkran Festival is (almost) here! If you’re in Phuket but still unsure where to celebrate this vibrant festival, you’ve come to the right place. From pool parties to water fights to special Songkran buffets, here are the best Songkran events in Phuket in 2024.

Best Songkran Events in Phuket 2024

Zenmaya Phuket Waterfront Songkran Warm-up Pool Party

Photo: Zenmaya Beachfront Songkran Warm-Up Pool Party, Phuket

when: From 11:00 on April 12
Where: Zeabreeze Pool Bar, Zenmaya Beachfront, Phuket
How many: THB 499 per person, including unlimited drinks

Start your Songkran celebrations with a Songkran warm-up pool party at Zenmaya Beachfront in Phuket. Escape the heat and cool off in the crystal clear water of the infinity pool. You can also enjoy free-flow drinks, live entertainment and a tropical atmosphere in the warm sunshine.

Songkran Festival Pool Party Edition and Buffet Dinner at Four Points by Sheraton Phuket

Songkran Festival in Phuket
Photos: Four Points Water Festival at Sheraton Phuket Patong Beach Resort

when: April 12 to 14, 13:00 to 19:00 (Songkran Festival Pool Party Edition) / April 13, 18:00 to 22:00 (Songkran Festival Buffet Dinner)
Where: Four Points by Sheraton Resort Patong Beach, Phuket
How many: Free admission (Songkran Pool Party Edition) / THB 1,399++ per person, including unlimited soft drinks (Songkran Party Dinner Buffet)

Do you like pool parties, delicious snacks and live DJ music? Then you definitely can’t miss the Songkran Pool Party hosted by The Deck Beach Club Patong at Four Points by Sheraton Phuket! Relax by the pool, enjoy a refreshing drink and soak up the sun.

If your idea of ​​a perfect Songkran celebration involves throwing a feast, then you should book a table at the hotel’s Chao Leh Kitchen for their amazing Songkran dinner buffet feast. You can sample a wide variety of dishes, from fresh ice-cold seafood and pasta to international and authentic Thai cuisine. While dining, you can also enjoy Thai dance and Kohn performances.

Songkran Festival Dinner at Banyan Tree Phuket

Songkran Festival in Phuket
Photo: Songkran Dinner with Ko Chai at Banyan Tree Phuket

when: April 12, 18.30 to 22.30 (Songkran Dinner with Ko Chai) and April 13, 18.30 to 22.30 (Songkong Dinner Buffet at The Watercourt)
Where: Banyan Tree Phuket
How many: THB 1,900 per person (Songkran Dinner with Ko Chai) / THB 3,200 per person (Songkran Buffet Dinner at The Watercourt)

Want to have a special feast? Head to Banyan Tree Phuket on April 12 for an evening of Southern Thai cuisine featuring Khun Sittichai Jitnatham’s (hotel general manager) family recipes. Enjoy a set menu with delicious dishes and share fun anecdotes and laughter over a family-style dinner.

Return to The Watercourt the next day for a sumptuous Thai buffet, offering everything from southern curries to savory northern specialties. Experience the Sizzling Thai BBQ while enjoying dazzling performances and mesmerizing fire displays for an unforgettable dining experience.

Metadee Songkran Celebration in Phuket

Where to celebrate Songkran Festival 2024 in Phuket | Tiger News
Photo: Metadee Phuket

when: March 13th – 14th
Where: Melody Concept Hotel Phuket

Metadee Phuket plans to celebrate Songkran and experience cultural experiences. The celebrations will begin in the morning with traditional dances, including lively Kong Yao dance and Oriental drumming. Next, take part in the exciting water boxing activity in the pool, where two participants balance on a bamboo stick and engage in fun boxing until one of them falls into the water. Then, you can participate in the monks’ blessing ceremony Tak Baht, offering food to receive New Year blessings.

Additionally, you can enjoy traditional Thai temple carnival games and water fights in the main pool area, and sample delicacies from the food stalls.

Blue Tree Vibrant Beach Hotel Phuket

Where to celebrate Songkran 2024 in Phuket | Tiger News
Photos: Phuket Blue Tree Music Festival Cloud Vibrant Beach Songkran Music Festival

when: April 13th to 15th 13:00
Where: Blue Tree Hotel Phuket
How many: From THB 799 per person

If you want a one-of-a-kind music experience and a unique party in a stunning natural setting, head to Blue Tree Phuket for the Alive Beach on Cloud Songkran Music Festival. You’ll dance with your feet in the water under the stars, surrounded by stunning views. The party atmosphere will be created by a lineup of world-renowned artists such as Oui Buddabless x Naina x Tossakan, Wonderframe, NICEcnx, P-Hot and Pokmmindset. In addition to great musical performances, you can also take part in a variety of fun activities.

Wonders of Blue Tree Songkran Festival in Phuket

Where to celebrate Songkran 2024 in Phuket | Tiger News
Photo: Phuket Blue Tree Songkran Spectacle

when: April 13-15
Where: Blue Tree Hotel Phuket
How many: THB 700 per adult / THB 270 per child

There are few better places in Phuket to celebrate Songkran than at Blue Tree Phuket’s famous crystal blue lagoon. It provides the perfect backdrop for an aquatic adventure filled with exciting activities and vibrant festivities. Feel the adrenaline rush as you travel across the lagoon on the Superfly water slide or zip line, and indulge in refreshing drinks and delicious meals. There will also be party foam celebrations, creating a lively atmosphere that resonates with the spirit of Songkran.

MINT Me water party

Where to celebrate Songkran 2024 in Phuket | Tiger News
Photo: MINT Me Water Party

when: April 13, 13:00 to 23:45
Where: MINT Bar and Restaurant

All-you-can-eat pizza and unlimited soft drinks during Songkran? Yes, please! At the MINT Me Water Party, you can enjoy everything from popcorn, barbecue and drink buckets. You can also enjoy fun games, lively DJs and live bands to keep the party going. This is the perfect way to make your Songkran experience unforgettable.

Songkran Festival Foam Party in Patong, Phuket

Where to celebrate Songkran 2024 in Phuket | Tiger News
Photo: Songkran Foam Party at Lub d Phuket Patong

when: From 14:00 on April 13
Where: Lub d Patong Phuket

Dreaming of having frothy fun this Songkran? Poolside Foam Party at Lub d Phuket Patong is perfect for you. Let loose and engage in thrilling water battles in the sea of ​​bubbles. Plus, an exciting range of pool games and activities will keep you entertained all day long. Don’t miss your chance to win exciting prizes in a special lucky draw.

Phuket Central Songkran Bikini Beach Battle 2024

Where to celebrate Songkran Festival 2024 in Phuket | Tiger News
PHOTOS: Phuket Central Songkran Bikini Beach Battle 2024

when: April 13th to 15th 17:00
Where: Outdoor Arena, Central Phuket Forestry Area, Central Phuket

Central Phuket Floresta’s outdoor stage will be transformed to make you feel like you’re at the beach and invite you to show off your sexiest body in your best bikini! Top international DJs will bring the most exciting EDM beats, bringing non-stop fun for three days and three nights. Lights, colors and music will fill the atmosphere. Of course, the water element will add an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Phuket Andamanda Water Festival

Phuket Andamanda Water Festival
Photo: Andamanda Phuket

when: April 13, 18:00 to midnight
Where: Andamanda Phuket Water Park
How many: Starting from THB 999 per person (night party only)

Looking for a lively way to celebrate Songkran this year? Consider attending the Phuket Andamanda Water Festival on Saturday. The festival will be held in the stunning Gulf of Andaman, a vast man-made sea covering an area of ​​over 10,000 square meters. Get ready to dance the night away to live performances by famous DJs such as Vini Vici, Acraze, Summer James & Ryan Marciano and Julian Jordan. The party starts at 18:00, but you can get a full-day package to try out the water park’s slides and rides.

Experience Songkran Festival at Courtyard Phuket

Where to celebrate Songkran 2024 in Phuket | Tiger News
Photo: Experience Songkran Festival

when: April 13, 18:00 to 22:00
Where: Courtyard Phuket Patong Beach Resort
How many: THB 1,200++ per person

Parade, DJ, game stations, Thai dancing, water fights and Thai BBQ buffet at Patong Beach? Songkran Festival couldn’t be better at Courtyard Phuket Patong Beach Resort!

You can sample delicacies such as Yum Gai Yang and Tom Yum Goong, as well as swordfish steak and grilled whole chicken. Seafood lovers will love the variety of chilled seafood paired with delicious dipping sauces. Then, top off your feast with mouth-watering desserts like Tub Tim Grob and Coconut Bread Pudding.

HGI Water Splashing Festival Retro Carnival

Where to celebrate Songkran 2024 in Phuket | Tiger News
Photo: HGI Songkran Retro Carnival

when: April 13, 18:00 to 22:00
Where: Hilton Garden Inn Bangtao Phuket
How many: Price 1,399 THB nett per person

HGI’s annual Water Festival event is back! This year’s theme is the exciting Songkran Retro Carnival. Step back in time and enjoy classic carnival games, feast on a delicious Thai fusion buffet, and have fun sipping Thai whiskey. Additionally, there will be live music throughout the day.

Slate Songkran Festival Buffet Dinner Celebration in Phuket

Slate Songkran Festival Buffet Dinner Celebration in Phuket
Photo: Songkran Dinner Buffet Celebration at Slate Hotel Phuket

when: April 13th from 18.30 to 22.30
Where: Slate Hotel, Phuket
How many: THB 1,600++ per adult / THB 800++ per child (10 to 14 years old)

Rich and authentic Thai cuisine, mesmerizing Thai classical performances and stunning fire dance performances – Slate Hotel Phuket is ready to take you on a journey to ancient Thailand during Songkran 2024. An evening of culture and mouth-watering cuisine.

No matter which one you choose to attend, it will be a Songkran experience filled with laughter, splashes and non-stop excitement. Happy Water Splashing Festival!

If you’re planning to celebrate Thai New Year in Bangkok, check out our article on the best hotels to stay in Bangkok during Songkran this year.

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