When a group of young people traveled from Vizag to Bhutan

When a group of young people traveled from Vizag to Bhutan

Sumanth Behara travels a lot and talks about how he travels, the souvenirs he collects and the memories he treasures. This is the story of a group of young people traveling from Vizag to Bhutan.

mentality traveler

“I’m a spontaneous traveler. So, I just book a flight to a specific destination and don’t make any other plans. It’s only when I arrive that I figure out where to go and what to do there. Looking for a different kind of Experience, each of my journeys, is enriching. Depending on my state of mind at a given point in time, whether my trips are solo or in groups. Sometimes I seek solitude by staying away from people I know and choose to go to the beach Or the mountains. And then sometimes, I’ll go explore a new place with my people.”


“The people I meet are the most cherished things in my travels. So I try to live like the locals, dress like them, and eat the local food too. The impressions and stories are amazing, not only in During my domestic stay, but also during my international stay. In fact, during my trip to Bhutan, I tried on their traditional knee-length robe with a belt, which is worn by men. They also wear to the knee socks. This dress was also worn by the King of Bhutan.”

sweet memories

sumanth behra“The warm and hospitable people of Bhutan hold a special place in my heart. My journey there took me through beautiful Bagdogra and Jegaon on the border. In places like Thimphu, Punakha and Paro Extremely beautiful city, I was very impressed. Since their culture and religion are very similar to ours, no one here honks or exceeds the 40 km/h speed limit. In fact, if someone is on the zebra crossing Vehicles have to stop while waiting to cross the road. Like a matriarchal society, so safe that I saw women walking at 3 in the middle of the night. I love the local red rice and the famous red banana. From Punakha Fort to Paro Every moment of the trek was enjoyable. I would recommend trekking here and elsewhere in Bhutan. It was beautiful and did see the male and female rivers. Try their food. Most importantly, don’t live up to expectations. “

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