What Makes Malaysia’s Biggest Resort & Amusement Park So Special?

In the cloudy hills of Pahang, Malaysia, there is a hill station where visitors can experience some of the most unique and record-breaking attractions in the world. Located in Genting Highlands, a town founded by the Malaysian conglomerate Genting Group, Resorts World Genting is an integrated mountain resort with seven hotels, two casinos, two theme parks and several shopping malls.

Genting Highlands

At an altitude of 6,000 feet, the weather is cool and foggy year-round. In the early morning, the town was shrouded in clouds and mist. There’s something especially magical and festive about luxury and entertainment above the clouds.

There are several ways to get to the high ground. The most beautiful and innovative way to get there is via the Awana SkyWay, a cable car track that provides fast and affordable transportation to and from Resorts World.

  • SkyWay fares are approximately $2 one way

Genting Resort and Casino

The First World Hotel is one of Resorts World Genting’s seven luxury hotels, and with nearly 8,000 rooms, it is the largest hotel in the world and holds the Guinness World Record.

Another record-breaking hotel in Genting, Crockfords Hotel is the first and only luxury hotel in Malaysia to receive a five-star rating.

  • The cheapest option at the Crockfords is the Superior Room, which costs just over $276 per night

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Genting is a self-contained city that has everything needed for people of every age to fully enjoy each day. Adults can while away their time at luxury spas, shopping malls, swimming pools, casinos, nightclubs and bars, while others can enjoy the thrills of multiple theme parks, movie theaters, concert venues and video game parks. Although Genting is the size of a small city, it is unique in that it is completely safe and suitable for entertainment and luxury.

For adult entertainment, Resorts World Genting has two large casinos, which are also the only legal ones in the country. These casinos are so luxurious and attractive that they can compete with some of the best gambling cities in the world. To this end, Malaysia’s Genting Group has opened resort casinos around the world, including Miami and Las Vegas.

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Genting Theme Parks and Attractions

Resorts World Genting has two theme parks. Both parks have undergone several expansions and rebuilds, making them more elaborate than the most popular amusement parks on the planet.

Skytropolis is an indoor park with everything from thrill rides to a vertical wind tunnel. Most notably, Skytropolis is home to Asia’s only fully immersive VR experience, VOID.

Unlike most theme parks, visitors have the option of pay-per-view.

  • Prices range from $2.50 to $5 per ride

For most people, the main attraction of Resorts World Genting is the outdoor theme park. It opened in 1994 and showcased Malaysia’s ability to attract global tourism. In 2013, Genting struck a deal with Fox to open a 20th Century Fox World to replace the existing outdoor theme park. After most of the construction was complete, the deal fell through and plans took a new, unique direction.

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Genting’s outdoor park, now called SkyWorlds, is roughly the size of 26 football fields. Although the deal with Fox fell through, the park still has exclusive attractions from the 20th Century Fox universe.

It’s divided into nine distinct worlds that draw on original themes like ice age, robots, deep space, cinema, and urban futurism. The opening of Skytropolis has been significantly delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The park will officially open for visitors in November 2021.

Gamers shouldn’t miss Vision City, part of the Video Game Park, a complex of cutting-edge gaming facilities offering interactive virtual and augmented simulations and competitions.

Genting is home to Bona Cinemas, the only branch outside of China. After a long and eventful day, relax on a plush recliner and enjoy the cinematic experience in IMAX and Dolby Digital.

Genting is also famous in Asian pop culture. Starlight Fest is a more than 5,000-seat concert venue that hosts major events such as the MTV Asia Awards and Malaysian Idol.

The Genting International Pavilion is a remarkable achievement, a symbol of global diplomacy and cooperation, hosting occasional multilateral economic and military meetings.

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Elsewhere in Genting Highlands, there is an opportunity to pay homage to high culture at the Chin Swee Cave Temples. For nature lovers, there is Insect World and Butterfly Wonderland, which showcases millions of common and rare insect species from around the world.

As Malaysia’s largest resort and amusement park, Resorts World Genting is a truly special feat of human ingenuity. Everything from the weather, size, variety of attractions, and luxury make this hill station wonderland worth a visit.

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