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Singapore, a Southeast Asian country, is located in the south of Malaysia and is known as a global financial center. There are famous hotels and various sightseeing spots here, and it is also a popular destination for Japanese outbound tourism.

In this article, I will introduce the relationship between Singapore and Japan, and look at Japan from Singapore.

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singapore history

The first Prime Minister of Singapore advocated that all ethnic groups living in Singapore after independence should live together. There are four official languages, which shows the attitude of respecting different cultures as a multi-ethnic country.

Basic information about Singapore, including language.

basic information

(Area) about 720 square kilometers (approximately the same as the 23 wards of Tokyo)

(Population) about 5.64 million (including 3.99 million Singaporeans and permanent residents) (January 2019)

(Language) The national language is Malay. English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil are the official languages.

(Religion) Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Taoism, Hinduism

(Currency) Singapore dollar (1 Singapore dollar = about 78 yen, as of September 2019)

[Reminder]There is basically no custom of tipping

(age limit)18 and over smoking and drinking

How often do you speak Chinese and English?

The official language of Singapore isFourI have.

According to a survey by Statistics Singapore, the percentage of each languageChinese official language 34.9, English 36.9,Local Chinese 12.2, Malay 10.7, Tamil 3.3, Others 2.0 (as of 2015).

Singapore is located in the Malay Peninsula, but due to the large number of Chinese immigrants entering during the British colonial period, about70% of Chinese immigrantsis a country. For these reasons, Chinese is also one of the official languages, but in some cases it is not possible to communicate with Malays in Chinese.

In Singapore, even between the official languages, it is generally possible to communicate in English. This may be because English is the main language of schooling.

Distance from Japan

How long does it take to fly from Japan to Singapore?

If it is a direct flight from Haneda Airport, the required time isabout 7 hours and 30 minutesyes. There are also direct flights from Kansai International Airport and Chubu Centrair International Airport (Central Japan International Airport). The travel time is about 7 hours from Kansai International Airport and 7 hours and 15 minutes from Centrair, which is slightly shorter than that from Haneda Airport.

If you want to keep prices as low as possible, you can also travel with low-cost airlines, some of which also fly through Taipei and Manila.

What is the time difference between local time and Japan time?1 timeyes. Even if you arrive in Singapore, you won’t be affected by jet lag or anything like that.

Singapore’s relationship with Japan

It has been 50 years since diplomatic relations were established in 2016, but I think political issues with Singapore are rarely seen in the daily news.

I will explain what kind of relationship Singapore and Japan have had so far and whether the relationship between the two countries is good.

How is the diplomatic relationship with Japan?

The Japanese government recognized Singapore as a country on 9 August 1965 and established diplomatic relations with Singapore on 26 April 1965.

2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.very goodIt can be said.

VIPs from supporting countries come and go frequently, and the multicultural Shin-Japan and Japan continue to communicate in various fields.

Tourism: How many tourists visit Singapore?

According to the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), the number of foreign tourists (including tourism and business purposes) who came to Singapore in 2018 increased by 6.2% from the previous year.18.506,619 peopleyes. Visitor numbers appear to be growing steadily, having hit record highs for three years in a row.

The most foreign tourists to Singapore areChinayes.the second isIndonesiathe third place isIndiaJapan is ranked sixth. The number of Japanese tourists visiting Singapore increased by 4.6% from the previous year.

Singapore’s tourism receipts and the number of foreign visitors hit record highs. However, the proportion is lower than in 2017, and the growth is weak.

2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Singapore and Japan

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Singapore and Japan in 201650 yearsThis is a milestone year. Various events were held in both countries to mark the occasion, including a sports convention and a film festival screening short films from Japan and Singapore.

Between the leaders of the two countries, Singapore’s Foreign Minister Vivian Vivian visited Japan, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong exchanged messages.

What is Singapore’s impression of Japan?

In Singapore, Japanese culture, such as manga and animation, which is popular all over the world, is very popular, and many such events are held.

Let’s take a look at what kind of Japanese works are appreciated by Singaporeans.

Japanese anime popular in Singapore

Sanrio and Pokemon cafes are opening one after another, and Japanese culture is being embraced.singapore animation“Otaku”Existence, large-scale events that disseminate content such as animation and manga are held about 3 times a year. In addition, lectures are held to foster young people who love Japanese animation and manga as creators and lead the international expansion of the Japanese content industry.

Southeast Asia’s largest animation festival to be held in 2018

The largest animation festival in Southeast Asia that spreads Japanese culture, attracting attention from Asia“C3 Asian Anime Festival Singapore 2018 (C3AFASG18)”Held in 2018.

The venue introduced Japanese animation, games, music, characters, manga, light novels, etc. There was a concert where foreigners who love Japan sang “anime songs” and a popular anime voice actor from Japan.

cosplay activity2018 is the 10th anniversary of the animation festival, which was also held and attracted a large number of tourists.

“What’s your name? Makoto Xin Hai is of course very popular too

One of the most popular anime in SingaporeDirector Makoto ShinkaiOne of the works is “Your Name Is…” which was released in 2016. As a popular anime in Japan, we still remember it fresh.

In Singapore, Your Name.Fans are said to be planning a pilgrimage to the holy land of Japan.

Also produced by Makoto ShinkaiSingapore Dacheng Co., Ltd. CMSingapore has also been reported. A familiar place in Singapore is featured in the short, which is believed to delight Shinkai fans.

The charm of Japanese subculture spreads in Singapore

Singapore is a multi-ethnic country that can be said to be open to different cultures. This year marks the 53rd anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Singapore and Japan, and Singapore regularly holds animation-themed events.

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