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What are the lyrics to the Korean national anthem? What do they mean in English?


South Korea traveled to Qatar for the World Cup for the tenth time in a row, more than any other Asian nation.

Fans will have fond memories of 2002, when the Tai Chi Warriors reached the semifinals at home games to the accompaniment of the famous national anthem.

In the 2002 World Cup, the South Korean team defeated the Spanish team to enter the semi-finals, but lost 0-1 to the German teamImage credit: AFP
South Korea advances to Qatar in second place in groupImage source: Reuters

“Patriotic Song” was translated as “Patriotic Song” and was adopted in 1948, the year the country was founded. However, its lyrics date back to the 1890s.

The national anthem was originally based on the popular Scottish song “Auld Lang Syne” before composer Ahn Yi-tae created his own melody.

What are the lyrics to the Korean national anthem?

Patriotic anthems are considered to be “songs that awaken patriotism”. You can’t say it’s not patriotic!

Its lyrics reference the country’s natural beauty, making reference to the famous Namsan Mountain in Seoul, South Korea.

Here’s the thing:

Section 1

Until the waves of the East Sea dry up and Mount Paektu wears away,
God always watch over our land, our Korean estate.

chapter 2

Rose of Sharon, land of miles and rivers;
Under the guardianship of the people, South Korea will always stand firm.

Section 3

Just like the Nanshan iron armor pine, still sticking to its post,
Frost, unchanged, is our firm will.

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Section 4

The evening sky in autumn is crystal clear and cloudless;
Be the radiant moon of our spirit, firm, one and true.

Section 5

With such will, such spirit, such loyalty, heart and hands,
Let us love the land we love so dearly, in sorrow come joy.


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