Weekend in Yoyogi Park, Japan


Have you ever seen a dog ride a skateboard?

In Yoyogi Park you will! It’s one of the largest parks in Tokyo and has a great atmosphere on weekends, inviting you to relax with friends. Young and old gather here to picnic, exercise (especially yoga), and enjoy life.

Plus, you can expect live music in many different styles. There are many great musicians and bands playing live music in the streets around the park – everything from electronic, rock, hip hop to metal – enjoy what you like and when you’ve had enough, You can go to the next band. Beyond that, you can also enjoy clowns, solo artists, pantomime and, of course, skateboard dogs. Another highlight is the group of rock dancers.

The great thing about Yoyogi Park in Japan is the very relaxed and friendly atmosphere where everyone respects each other. It’s worth mentioning that you can buy drinks (beer!) and food everywhere.

For me, Yoyogi Park is one of the best ways to spend a relaxing Sunday in this crazy city.

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