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The Japan-ASEAN Center (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Secretary-General: Kunihiko Hirabayashi, hereinafter referred to as the Center), an international organization, launched a webpage content “50 ASEAN Friendship Tours”, which introduces various domestic and foreign tourism contents. Travel in Life” (Cultural Convenience Club Co., Ltd.). This project has been certified as the 50th anniversary commemorative project of Japan-ASEAN friendship and cooperation, and in conjunction with the 50th anniversary, proposes a concept of “sustainable tourism” that can be enjoyed in 50 ASEAN countries Idea (1). .

▶ The Gentle Journey of ASEAN 50

The 50 ideas posted on the content of this page consider factors such as “compassion for diverse natural environments and animals”, “respect for the environment, history and culture”, and “giving back to local communities”. In cooperation with the ASEAN National Tourism Organization, the center has jointly selected (2) with Culture Entertainment Co., Ltd. / CCCMK Holdings Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the production. Content is organized into five categories: “Know and Feel,” “Play,” “Stay,” “Eat,” and “Buy,” and users can search for topics by country or category, or choose both.

According to the “Sustainable Tourism Survey for Young People (3)” conducted by the center last year (targeting Japanese Generation Z and millennials (aged 15 to 35) who love or are interested in travel), according to the survey, even though people are aware of development goals and sustainable lifestyles, yet awareness of these goals while traveling remains low. On the other hand, when we proposed sustainable tourism initiatives that revitalize and enjoy tourism while preserving the original appearance of the land, and asked if it was necessary, about 80% of people said yes. The Center believes that the more people know about sustainable tourism, the more likely it is that awareness will increase and will continue to promote awareness of sustainable tourism.

(1) Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.
(2) There is no common sustainability standard in the ASEAN region.

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Official name: Trade, Investment and Tourism Promotion Center of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
In 1981, it was jointly established by the governments of 10 ASEAN countries and the Japanese government. By promoting exports from ASEAN countries to Japan, direct investment between Japan and ASEAN countries, promoting tourism and cultural exchanges, and promoting the relationship between Japan and ASEAN countries, it focuses on trade, investment, tourism, and cultural exchanges.It is an international organization that contributes to

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