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You’ll be hard pressed to find a Starbucks as fine as this anywhere else!

Dihua Street is the oldest wholesale street in Taipei and a must-see when you come to Taiwan. It is full of shops selling dried fruits, Taiwanese tea, Chinese shoes and restaurants serving traditional Taiwanese food.

As much as we love picking up a bargain or two on our trips, we came here for something else.

Walking around Dihua Street, you will find a baroque building converted from a historic red brick building.

This building is a five-minute walk from Taipei MRT Daqiaotou Station, and it looks like a high-end hotel.But this is not a hotel – look carefully at the bottom left and you can see the familiar sign Starbucks!

The building was originally a residence Ye Jin-tu, Taiwan’s famous pineapple merchant, known as the “Pineapple King”. If you look closely outside, you can even see some pineapples on the wall.

Today, it functions like a Starbucks, but even the entrance is full of retro feeling. Our reporter Yui Imai who came to visit was already very excited.

The first floor is where Yui placed the order, but to get to the second floor, she had to climb the spiral staircase to go upstairs, but found that…

An impressive seating area. Large windows let in plenty of light, and some of them are even covered with a giant Starbucks logo.

There is another floor to view, and the third floor is more fashionablewith retro windows on the wall.

Here, Yui spotted an empty sofa seat, so she sat down to try her Taiwanese exclusive drink…

▼…Sesame Almond Tofu Frappuccino!

Priced at TWD 140 (US$4.57) in large glasses, the drink is 100% exclusive to Taiwan and seems to be a summer staple here since it first launched in 2020.

The Frappuccino is topped with a rich sesame sauce and filled with apricot tofu, which, according to Yui, is super delicious!

There are also other exclusive Starbucks Taiwan drinks such as Ruby Yuzu Alishan Oolong Tea and Peach Apple Cold Brew Oolong Tea. If they were anything like the honeydew melon plate burgers at Starbucks in Taiwan, they would be great.

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