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Developed “SATS Inflight Catering Center” for Singapore Airlines

“SATS In-Flight Catering Center” has the only decompression chamber in the world, and develops in-flight meals in an environment similar to the sky. I visited the company that handles all in-flight meals for Singapore Airlines.

Use decommissioned equipment. Also watch out for sustainable items!

During this visit, I was able to learn about sustainable development projects utilizing decommissioned aircraft and the never-ending quest for in-flight meals.

Mr. Joan To, Senior Manager of Inflight Service and Design Department, said about this series: “Although it is a limited edition, it cannot be mass-produced because it uses a decommissioned aircraft, but it has become a single item that many people will resonate with. Users and Singapore Airlines fans,” he told me.

Aside from being able to contribute to environmental protection as a sustainable initiative, working with a Singaporean brand has been a great experience.


Projects Created Using Decommissioned Equipment


Mr. Joan To, Senior Manager, Inflight Service and Design, Singapore Airlines

The rich items created by the upcycling project are of two types: interior designs and collaborations with popular brands in Singapore. We recommend the “Aviation Label” for the look. Airbus A330-300 version, Airbus A380 version, Boeing 777-200 version, etc. are available. It feels solid and has a serial number.


Use the “Aero Tag” of the body appearance that makes you feel heavy

Also check out The Carrier Collection, which features messenger bags and shopping totes made from recycled life jackets. In addition to being waterproof, the highlight is the eye-catching yellow. The zipper is the red part you zip with the lifejacket.


The ‘High flyer messenger bag’ is just the right size


“Lifeguard Zipper Bag”. With the SQ logo, I want this!

As for collaborations, there are plenty you can imagine, including “Bynd Artisan”‘s “Key Holder with Strap Wristlet,” which uses leather business-class seats. “TOCCO TOSCANO” clutches and wallets are items that can be used as small items.


Discover the “Keychain with Wrist Strap” in Orchard’s physical store!


“TOCCO TOSCANO” mainly consists of small, easy-to-carry items such as “EVERYDAY POUCH” and “WRISTLET CLUTCH”.

Of course, the price of each product is reasonable, but there is no doubt that the attractiveness contained in it is far greater than the price. Many items are sold out, so hurry up if you want to get them!

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