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Visiting South Korea?You must come to Lishui on weekends | This week’s destination news

At first glance, Lishui looks like a city out of a movie set. Yeosu is just a ferry ride away from Jeju Island, famous for being a lovers’ spot, making it the perfect romantic stop. Brightly lit cable cars, glowing lighthouses, seaside snack bars full of crowds and laughter, the city at night is like a carnival.

Yeosu, the second largest city in South Korea’s Jeollanam Province, has some luxurious accommodations complete with infinity pools and balconies overlooking the port. In the morning, you can wake up to the sound of the waves and see the sun shining on the waves. At night, balconies offer views of the harbor’s illuminated hotels and even the Big-O Show, an interactive water fountain show by the sea featuring water, light, sound and fire.

Yeosu means “beautiful waters,” and photos of the ocean, sunsets, and nightlife here are Instagram-worthy.


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Yeosu South Korea, Yeosu Travel Guide

Hamel Lighthouse and glowing cable car (quick photos)


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Yeosu South Korea, Yeosu Travel Guide

Tourists visit the “Beach” exhibition at Yeosu Art Museum (quick photo)


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Yeosu, South Korea, Yeosu Travel Guide, Zipline, Yeosu Zipline

Ramada Yeosu Zipline Tour


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Yeosu Korea, Suncheon Travel Guide, Nagan Eupseong Folk Village

Suncheon Raan Eupseong Folk Village Cultural Performance


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Yeosu, South Korea, Yeosu Travel Guide, Zipline, Yeosu Zipline

Bibimpap, or mixed rice, Korean food


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Korea Garden Expo Suncheon Bay International Garden

Dutch-themed garden at Suncheon Garden Expo 2023

Here are the things to do and places to visit during your stay in Yeosu:

cable car: Even if you don’t plan to visit the island, the cable car must try to transport travelers from Yeosu to Dol Son Island. The “Crystal” cable car has transparent floors and windows, allowing passengers to enjoy a panoramic view of the city, sea and Dolsan Bridge. Soak up the breathtaking views during the day or at sunset, or admire the city lights at night.

Fine Arts Museum: Perhaps one of the best places to visit in Yeosu, this interactive digital art gallery offers an overwhelming experience sure to pique your child’s curiosity. Visitors can immerse themselves in halls filled with cherry blossoms, gushing waterfalls or twinkling stars, and strike up creative photo poses. In one of the exhibits, you can draw a fish and watch it come to life in a digital fishbowl. In the “Garden”, the audience can gain an in-depth understanding of the master’s works of art.

Yeosu Art Museum Visitors exhibit at the garden of Yeosu Art Museum

South Mambocha: The name translates to “romantic street cart”. Nighttime views of the brightly lit cable car and the gleaming red Hamel Lighthouse add a romantic touch to the waterfront restaurant. The bar is packed and you can have a good time with soju, beer and a variety of Korean dishes.

Ramada Zipline Tours: For the more adventurous, the Ramada’s zip line allows you to jump from the 24th floor and fly 1.2 kilometers across the ocean. While the initial push may be intimidating for some, the zipline glides smoothly over the water with great views of the city.

Aqua Planet: If you’re traveling with kids, Aqua Planet can provide a fun learning experience and encounters with marine species. There is a beluga whale in the aquarium that even bounces around a ball in the presence of small children. The main pool is home to giant stingrays and turtles. On the ground floor of the complex, visitors can also stroll through the Museum of Color, where various artworks are on display for photo opportunities.

do not miss it

Yeosudang is a small bakery that often has a long queue outside. Their wormwood ice cream is uniquely colored and the bittersweet taste is worth the wait. This bakery is just down the street from the Little India restaurant.

Lishui Wormwood Ice Cream at Lishuitang (Quick Photo)

How to get there?

Taking the KTX, one can travel from Seoul to Yeosu, a journey of more than 380 kilometers, in just three to four hours, depending on when you board the train. Yeosu can be reached by bus from Busan, and it only takes two and a half hours at the fastest.

Plus, visit…

Another Korean city, Suncheon, also has a lot to see if you have extra time or can stop on your way from Yeosu to Seoul. Put on your walking shoes (and slather on your sunscreen) and step into Korea’s past at Nakaneup Folk Village.

It is one of the best preserved walled towns from the Joseon Dynasty. Through practical activities such as weaving, dyeing, woodblock printing, and writing of wills, visitors can experience the life here once, and get a glimpse of the charm of traditional music and dance through cultural activities. The village’s fortress, the stone walls that surround it, numerous government buildings and civilian huts offer a glimpse of the architecture of a bygone era.

Nakan Eupseong Folk Village, Suncheon City Tourists experience weaving at Nakan Eupseong Folk Village in Suncheon City.

Suncheon Bay International Garden, on the other hand, is a modern marvel. The Garden Expo 2023 is currently underway and will run until October 31 and will attract millions of visitors. The garden covers 193 hectares and has at least 2.5 million flowers. Countries around the world have their own themed gardens using some of the best technology and design techniques.

Visitors can take a ferry to travel along the Dongchuan stream throughout the garden. They can also enjoy luxurious garden accommodation for the perfect glamping experience.

The author is conducting a study trip to Korea under the sponsorship of the Korea Tourism Organization under the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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