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medical emergency information

When you visit the Maldives, you should know that there are public and private health departments. There are only a few well-equipped hospitals in Male, and limited healthcare in the rest of the country.

In the event of a medical emergency, you should contact your travel health insurance company immediately. Regardless of your travel health insurance status, most hospitals in the Maldives will require a cash advance payment. In the Maldives, the emergency number for ambulances is 102.

The emergency number for ADK Hospital in Malé, Maldives is 313533. Other hospitals nearby include Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital, European Clinic Maldives, Dharumavantha Hospital and Medica Hospital, and the National Diagnostic Centre.

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Wi-Fi and Internet in Maldives

When you visit Maldives, you should know that most resorts and hotels in Maldives offer free Wi-Fi and internet in their rooms. Some hotel or resort rooms also provide wired internet connections for laptops.

Since the Maldives is a small island chain, don’t expect fast or stable Wi-Fi. If you’re after faster internet, you should stay closer to a city or buy a mobile internet plan for safety. The best internet speeds are around the city of Male, while more remote islands may struggle with poor or intermittent connections.

When it comes to cellular networks, the Maldives has two leading providers – Dhiraagu and Ooredoo. Both providers have offices at nearby airports, so you can get your SIM as soon as you land. They all offer similar service and good coverage nationwide. Show your passport at the office and choose your preferred local or tour package.

Top-up packages are easy to find in most supermarkets on the island. However, you may pay high rates for international calls, so it will be cheaper to call online.

Both Dhiraagu and Ooredoo offer 30-day travel packages for $30-50, including a minimum of 17 GB of data and talk time, SMS and a valid SIM card.

Internet cafés and co-working offices are rare in the Maldives, so it might be easier to use the resort’s free Wi-Fi.


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