Vietnam travel just got easier as airline launches new routes from 5 Indian cities

Vietnamese airline Vietjet plans to add new routes linking five Indian cities with one of its major coastal cities.

Hanoi: In welcome news, Vietnamese airline Vietjet has announced that it will add new routes connecting five Indian cities with one of its coastal cities. Under the plan, New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Bangalore in India will be connected to Da Nang in Vietnam. Currently, Vietjet Air is only operating on routes connecting New Delhi and Mumbai in India to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.



Straight from the history books, Vietnam is a country with a rich history and rich cultural diversity. As a country with great potential to develop into a thriving tourist destination, easy travel to major cities will boost tourism in both countries.

Service to the other new cities will start in the third quarter of 2022, with four to seven return flights per week, the airline said in a statement. The airline earlier announced plans to launch two new routes connecting Phu Quoc with New Delhi and Mumbai in September 2022.

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According to Vietjet, the announcement to connect the five new routes was made at the 2022 Da Nang Investment Forum. It is also an attempt to promote Da Nang city globally and attract more tourists. The destination is one of the most attractive tourist destinations for international travelers.

According to media reports, Vietjet Air Vice President Nguyen Thanh Son said: “Vietjet Air believes that the new route announced today will continue to open up more opportunities between Da Nang and other cities and regional destinations in Vietnam, boosting the economy, trade and business investment.” So far, the airline has served nearly 22 million passengers to and from Da Nang. It also operates 8 domestic routes and 5 international routes from coastal cities.

More than 50 ethnic minorities live here, giving the country a rich cultural diversity. One Indian rupee equals 297.60 VND, which makes traveling here much cheaper than other international tourist attractions. Some of the must-see places in Vietnam include:- Halong Bay and Ho Chi Minh City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site: The country’s commercial centers, museums, and monuments recount the country’s rich history. The city of Hue is also full of 19th century relics and well worth a visit.

Da Nang is also known as the city of modern architecture. It has unique landmarks such as the Golden Bridge and the Dragon Bridge. The area around Da Nang is also worth a visit. It includes the ancient town of Hoi An (the former citadel of Hue city) and Quang Binh, where the caves are located.

Published: Jun 29, 2022 at 2:55pm IST

Updated: June 29, 2022 at 2:55pm IST

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