Vietnam extends e-visa validity to 90 days from August 15, 2023

Vietnam extends e-visa validity to 90 days from August 15, 2023

Hanoi (Vietnam), June 30: The National Assembly approved the extension of the validity period of tourist e-visa from 1 month to 3 months. Foreigners can enter and exit Vietnam as many times as they want within 90 days without applying for a new visa.

The legislature approved a government proposal on June 24, 2023 to extend the validity of tourist e-visas to 90 days from the previous 30 days, allowing tourists to enter Vietnam multiple times.

The 15th Congress passed the Amendment to the Alien Entry, Exit, Transit, and Residence Act with 470 votes out of 475 members. According to the decision, the new law will come into force on August 15, 2023.

After the new law takes effect, tourists from certain countries that Vietnam unilaterally exempts from visas will be granted a 45-day visa-free stay. These countries include Japan, South Korea and some Western European countries. Currently, they can visit Vietnam visa-free for 15 days.

Lawmakers approved multiple-entry visas aimed at reducing administrative burdens. They say it saves time and money too.

Le Tan Toi, chairman of the National Assembly’s Defense and Security Committee, said the three-month e-visa would meet the needs of foreign tourists who wish to stay longer to explore investment opportunities. The entry-exit procedures implemented online will improve the efficiency of entry-exit management and create more favorable conditions for Vietnamese and foreigners, he added.

At present, Vietnam provides electronic visas to nationals of 80 countries and regions, and exempts visas from 25 countries. The period is generally 15 to 30 days. This policy is considered to be less lenient than neighboring countries. Once approved, foreign visitors can enter and exit the country multiple times within 90 days of the approved one-time visa.

The extension of e-visa validity will be a relief to those who wish to stay longer in Vietnam to explore more of Vietnam. This pioneering decision will open up new growth corridors for Vietnam’s tourism industry. After approval, Vietnam tourism with legitimate reasons will surely increase the number of foreign tourists traveling to Vietnam.

Industry experts are more optimistic that the decision will change the fortunes of Vietnam’s tourism industry, making the country a leading entertainment and leisure destination.

Travel agencies offering Vietnam visas and Vietnam packages will take advantage of this decision starting from the peak tourist season starting in September. It will also help the government achieve its target of 8 million foreign tourists this year.

By the end of April 2023, Vietnam has achieved half of its annual target, receiving nearly 3.7 million international tourists. The figures suggest that the rebound in Vietnam’s tourism is still a work in progress. The 2023 target is much smaller than the country’s record 18 million foreign tourists in 2019.

The extension of e-visa validity from 30 days to 90 days is expected to attract more tourists and investors from around the world, enabling Vietnam to achieve the 2023 target. As the approval will support the Vietnamese tourism industry, travel agencies will take advantage of this opportunity to flourish and grow at an unprecedented rate.

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