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Generative AI is suddenly gaining traction thanks to the amazing performance of GPT-4, the latest version released by OpenAI, which developed ChatGPT. There has been a movement to implement ChatGPT in various fields, but in the travel industry, services powered by ChatGPT appeared immediately.

“Tripnotes” from California, USA, where Silicon Valley is located, can be described as a “travel planning assistant” in one word. A good partner for your travels.

“Tripnotes is built on more than 239 million unique and constantly updated data points,” said founder Matthew Rosenberg. It’s a pleasure to share with you. (excerpt),’ he tweeted.

As soon as I tried using it, I got a satisfactory response in just two steps.
First, enter “Tokyo, Japan” in the “Where to?” question and press “Next”.
As a test, I typed in “give me a 3 day itinerary” and hit generate.

This is what Tripnotes immediately suggests. For reference, here are some excerpts from Day 2. (below is the Japanese translation displayed in English)

the next day:
9:15 am: Mr. Farmer (café)

11:30 am: Explore the Nezu Art Museum, a perfect mix of tradition and modernity. Established in 1940. It is known for its renowned collection of Japanese, Chinese and Korean artifacts, including lacquerware, calligraphy, sculpture and paintings. The gallery space, designed by architect Kengo Kuma, has views of the Japanese garden. Stroll through the gardens and enjoy light meals and traditional Japanese sweets at the glass-enclosed Nezu Café.

1:45 pm: Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the cuisine of L’Effervescence. A Michelin-starred restaurant that offers exquisite modern French cuisine with a fusion of French flair and Japanese seasonal ingredients. The “Just Like Apple Pie” by owner and chef Shinobu Namae is not to be missed. The collocation of ingenious vegetables, the umami taste of sea and land, through each dish, you can feel the magic of nature. L’Effervescence is a lively meeting place to rejuvenate body and mind.

16:50 ISSEY MIYAKE / AOYAMA (accessory shop)

19:05: Dabishan Rice Field

21:20: Mikkeller Tokyo is a microbrewery that opened in 2016. Over 20 craft beers on tap at any time.

Accommodations, restaurants, theaters, museums, etc. in Tokyo are introduced in words and maps, which is very convenient. The plan is so good that even the robot opponent can’t help but “Ah, thank you!”.

The travel industry is going through turbulent times such as the corona disaster and fuel price spikes. AI (artificial intelligence) has made a big impact here. Looking ahead, making the most of technologies such as artificial intelligence may be key to making the tourism-related recovery process go smoothly.

As a tourist, the reliable ally “Travel Notes” has appeared, and it seems that going out will be more interesting and convenient.

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