Unusual pairing!Channing Tatum may star opposite Sandra Bullock


Unusual pairing!Channing Tatum may star opposite Sandra Bullock

December 30, 2020 at 12:14 am
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Dancer Channing Tatum is reportedly in final talks to partner Sandra Bullock in Paramount Pictures’ latest project. Lost City D.

The film is backed by Bullock’s Fortis Films and Liza Chasin through her company 3dot Productions.

It’s a pretty unusual pairing, considering Tatum’s athletic style in action and thrillers, and Bullock’s status in romance scripts.

Ryan Reynolds eyes script; could reunite ex

In this case, however, playing Tatum might do wonders for the unusual duo, as the film is a romantic thriller, thus getting the best of both worlds from these actors.

Previously, there had been much speculation that Ryan Reynolds would get a role opposite Bullock, which would reunite the former lovebirds on-screen after the 2009 film, proposal.

Tatum plays cover model, Bullock is romance novelist

On paper, Tatum might replace Reynolds.

The 40-year-old all-round athlete, who has practiced kung fu, plays the cover model, while Bullock plays the socially awkward romance novelist.

However, the script had other plans and put them together, where she was forced to hang out with him.

Bullock on tour with Tatum

Bullock’s character is stuck on tour with Tatum, which seems like an uncomfortable situation for her, until a kidnapping attempt takes away all the thrills and dumps them in the middle of the jungle.

No doubt, it’s scary for both of them as they learn to survive and find love for each other in the process of unraveling the thrills.

Written by Dana Fox, directed by Adam and Aaron Nee

this gravity The actor has previously expressed excitement about Dana Fox’s script, which will be directed by Adam and Aaron Nee.

“The idea that Paramount would be willing to return to a genre we haven’t seen in a while excites us,” Bullock told electronic warfare in October.

Bullock appears poised to embark on this “ambitious and interesting journey” given the dire global situation.


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