Unlimited ham and cheese! Shiori, a gluttonous girl who caused heated discussions on the Internet, ate it up! : Dekamori Hunter | Media tele Tokyo Plus

Unlimited ham and cheese! Shiori, a gluttonous girl who caused heated discussions on the Internet, ate it up!  : Dekamori Hunter | Media tele Tokyo Plus

From 6:30 on Sunday night, “Ten Mori Hunter”[Zou-sanPaku-paku&TravisJapanMatsudaVS4km!dumplingbowl)broadcast!

“TV Tokyo Plus” will broadcast the contents of “‘All You Can Eat’ Italian de bakushoku Girls Clash SP!!” aired on May 28 (Sunday).

Now, the video of “Girl Explosive Food” has caused a sensation on the video posting site! Therefore, this time, we will hold a new project “Bakushoku Video Distributor NO.1 Showdown” to decide the “best video distributor” by gathering gluttonous girls on the Internet! MC Satoshi Mukai (Panther) and Ryotaro Suga (Panther) watched.

From the hungry twins (Kako Ono, Ako Ono) with more than 520,000 YouTube channel subscribers, their younger sister Ako, Ogose Aya who is 150 cm tall and popular for her eating habits, and the live streaming service “17LIVE”, Shiori, a Crashed gluttonous gal, conflicted!

The stage is “Italian Kitchen VANSAN (Higashi Fuchu store)” which has 74 stores nationwide. Many menu items using fresh pasta are very popular on SNS.
A total of 27 dishes are available for free order, and the total weight eaten is compared within a 70-minute time limit.

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The battle has finally begun! Ako ordered the 360g salmon spinach cream pasta, Shiori ordered the 280g Italian pepper and egg mixed Tamapepe no Towa, and Oshin-chan ordered the 400g porcini mushroom pasta.
Not only the quantity, but also the good-looking expressions in the video, and the delicious points conveyed in the food report. “The creamy sauce is rich and the noodles are chewy,” Ako said with a smile as he ate.

Ming Chao ordered the 330g “Sea Urchin Cream Pasta”, and Xiao Ashin ordered the 520g “Pescatore”, and they finished it in one go!

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For the third course Ako chose “White Cod Spaghetti”, which is thick cod roe pasta covered with fluffy whipped cream. In video distribution, high-calorie menus like this that affect appearance seem to be very popular.
Shiori and Xiaoxin ordered 350 grams of salty and spicy “Specialty! Devil Spaghetti”. The kitchen was messy for the three of us with a fast eating pace!

Ah Zi ordered four types of pasta, and the waiter brought a bowl of raw ham.

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Yes! The most popular item on the menu, the all-you-can-eat spaghetti with uncured ham cream (*available from 3:00pm only; limited quantities daily).
With a system that stops at the desired quantity, when the uncured ham causes an avalanche, the Ako will stop! The pasta should weigh 620g (*order as much prosciutto as possible).

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Oshin-chan said, “It’s a strategy to appear on TV ♡” and ordered 5 new dolce “white raw pudding” topped with white egg yolk. “I’ve never had a pudding like this!”

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Not to be outdone, I ordered “Cheese Cheese Cheese Pasta” (*served from 3:00 pm, daily quantity is limited) with all-you-can-eat cheese. With plenty of smooth fresh cheese, the pasta weighed 870 grams! Use it again to empty cheese bowls!

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Ako has “THE Carbonara” and “Grilled Cheesecake” cooked in a parmesan bowl in front of you, and Oshin-chan has “Kamaage Shrimp Peperoncino” with unlimited shrimp (*Lunch menu only. Appetizer and drink) .

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For the bookmark, I ordered “Italian Gelato Freshly Squeezed Mont Blanc” which was made in front of me. Gorgeous battles don’t stop!

With 5 minutes left, everyone hits the final sprint and the winner is…

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Oshin-chan weighs 5.3kg, bookmark 6.55kg, and Ako weighs 7.84kg! “Italian Kitchen VANSAN”, thank you for your meal!

From 6:30 on Sunday night, “Dekamori Hunter”[Zou-sanPaku-paku&TravisJapanMatsudaVS4kmSuper!dumplingbowl)broadcast!

The 3rd installment of the popular project “Obaka Deka Mori” that uncovers tricky large menus made by unusual shopkeepers all over Japan!

This time in the Saitama version, Zou-san Paku-paku, the strongest big hunter, challenged himself to eat a whole bowl of dumplings weighing 4 kg, and there was a whole local specialty Fukaya scallions inside!
In addition, special guest Travis Japan Genta Matsuda will be struck by giant food! ?

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