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She said the TikTok community loves “off the beaten track” recommendations, and suggested smaller travel brands use their expertise to capitalize on this by sharing content that showcases new and undiscovered places.

Collaborating with creators is another effective way for small brands to reach new customers on TikTok, Bennett explained. “Creators are at the heart of the TikTok travel community, providing unique and authentic insights into what’s popular and trending on the platform, and giving brands the opportunity to reach new audiences,” she said.

TikTok is also opening up a new “playground” for travel brands to reach a wider audience, Bennett continued, urging smaller brands to keep up with travel trends and tap into a global community of travel fanatics using trending hashtags .

The most popular search terms on TikTok in the UK include “things to do in London”, “Lake Como, Italy”, “Ibiza beaches”, “travel essentials” and “travel to Japan”.

Sustainable travel takes off

Meanwhile, #Tenerife has a staggering 3.6 billion views, followed by #pilotsofTikTok with 1.7 billion, #Disneylife with 1.4 billion and #BangkokThailand with 488.9 million.

Bennett added that Japan is also one of the top global destinations, reaching 2.7 billion people as #Japantravel platforms brace for an influx of Japan-related content in the fall.

“We expect #Japantravel views within the TikTok community to continue to grow for the remainder of the year,” Bennett said.

“As summer draws to a close and attention turns to the fall and winter holidays, we’re likely to see an increase in content related to ski touring, festive city breaks and, of course, Christmas markets.”

Sustainable travel has continued to thrive on the platform this year as people increasingly seek greener travel options. With over 79 million views on TikTok, #sustainabletravel shares travel itineraries, making your next trip greener, and which travel items to avoid due to environmental impact.

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