Traveling in Bhutan just got easier with the launch of domestic air services from Paro to Bumthang and Tashigang

Traveling in Bhutan just got easier with the launch of domestic air services from Paro to Bumthang and Tashigang

Paro Airport

“It was difficult to spare 2 weeks to travel from west to east of Bhutan as it took many hours to reach the east by land and then fly back to Bhutan. Now they have the option to fly back from the east,”, BhutanTravelAgency. Karma Tshering at com says

The mystical east of Bhutan has never been more accessible. Karma Tshering of says traveling in Bhutan has never been easier with the launch of domestic air services to two of the country’s most beautiful regions

Bhutan’s national airline, Drukair, and the country’s first private airline, Tashi Air, also known as Bhutan Airlines, will now fly to Batpalathang Airport in Bumthang, the stunning valley of buckwheat fields and Yonphula in Tashigang, which may Will be declared the most stunning airport to date.

A day’s drive from the capital, Thimphu, or Paro International Airport to Bumthang now takes just 25 minutes, while a journey to the remote and more mysterious Far East Tashigang on exotic travel takes two days by car from the capital. Bhutan, now just 30 minutes away.

Bhutan Airlines also offers charter flights and long-distance mountain flights to make a trip to Bhutan luxurious, it will be an exceptionally beautiful plane trip thanks to Bhutan’s stunning white peaks and emerald mountains, shimmering Glowing rivers run through them, dotted with country houses and occasionally a huge red-roofed dzong or monastery high on the hill.

Bhutan Airlines charges US$350 for the flight to Yongphra and US$600 for the return flight, and US$250 or US$400 for the return flight from Paro to Bumthang. The promotional introductory fare is available until the end of February 2012 and can also be combined with various Bhutan tour packages.

Bumthang in northern Bhutan is already a traveler’s paradise, with its vast valleys and local businesses famous for their naturally produced honey and cheese. It is also a famous religious and cultural destination, home to Jampay Lhakhang, a revered monastery known as the 8th century sage Guru Rinpoche who performed miracles to protect the land, subdue malevolent gods and transform them into land and people Place of the Protector. This is also where the famous sacred nude dance is performed at midnight during the Jampay Lhakhang festival in October-November.

The valley is also known as the birthplace of treasure hunter or Tertoen Pema Lingpa, who discovered many religious artifacts left by Guru Rinpoche. Mebartsho Lake, or Burning Lake, is one of the holiest places in Bhutan and it is said that Tertoen Pema Lingpa dived into the rushing waters with a lit ghee lamp and burned where he appeared with religious artifacts and oil lamps, giving the lake its name.

Tashigang is a quaint town close to many of the main famous attractions of interest to tourists in Bhutan.The settlements are located higher up in the mountains in the eastern part of the country, where the valleys are narrow and deep, making them ideal for all kinds of tourism in Bhutan

The villages of Merak and Sakteng, now only open to a limited number of visitors, are unique, undisturbed settlements of the Brokpa (highland) people with a unique cultural heritage. Merak and Sakteng are famous for their stunning treks and home to the elusive yeti (the evil snowman of the east).


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