Travel Tips for Exploring Taiwan’s Green Island


Thousands of islets dot the Pacific Ocean, and these volcanic remnants have evolved into tourist hotspots, with excellent diving and scenic beaches. Green Island Taiwan is one of them.

Located 21 miles off the east coast of Taiwan, Green Island is the perfect escape from the crowded mainland. There is no traffic noise or pollution here; just the coast, green hills and lush vegetation.

Friends who work in Taiwan, you can get it done in one weekend! The most exciting thing is that you can take a ferry to Taiwan Green Island!

How to get to Taiwan Green Island

Getting to Green Island requires jumping on a ferry! You can book your Ludao Taiwan Ferry from Taitung and Ludao here.

from Kaohsiung

Take the train to Taitung (about 2 hours and 15 minutes, NT$360), quickly take a taxi to the ferry terminal (10-15 minutes, NT$375), and then take the ferry to Green Island (50 minutes, NT$920 per trip ) – travel).

from taipei

The train takes about 4 hours and 40 minutes to Taitung, and the average fare is NT$785. Then you need to hop on the Taitung to Green Island ferry. Use the search box below to search for trains from Taipei to Taitung.

Taiwan Green Island Travel Guide

1. Be sure to buy train tickets in advance at Kaohsiung or Taipei Main Stations, as tickets in Taitung are very popular. Visit Taiwan Railways for train times and prices, but don’t rely on the website to order tickets. I found that many times the tickets on the Internet are sold out, so I can only go to the station to buy them. You can also find tickets on the 12Go website.

2. After arriving in Taitung, go to the visitor center at the train station and they will point you in the right direction. The lady there spoke English and she even booked us the green island ferry tickets. (Our ferry leaves Taitung at 11:30 am on Saturday and Green Island at 2:30 pm on Sunday).

3. If you want to rent a motorcycle in Green Island, you must have a motorcycle driver’s license. Without exception. They are very strict because an American without a driver’s license died in an accident last April. Scooters run about NT$350 per day and bikes about NT$150 (depending on your bargaining skills). The road around the island is only 12 miles in circumference, so biking is a viable option.

4. The open space next to the hot spring, primary and secondary schools can camp for free. Alternatively, search for accommodation in Green Island here.

Some Green Island lodging options include:

5. While there, visit the saltwater hot springs (they are one of only three in the world). The entrance fee is NT$200.

6. If you are a diving enthusiast or want to learn to dive, then be sure to check out the diving around Green Island. You can book a Discovery Dive course or do an Advanced Open Water Dive.

Remember – to explore Taiwan’s Green Island, only take photos and leave only footprints.

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