Travel Technology International Conference “WiT Japan”, a comprehensive real-life gathering of world and Japanese travel leaders, July 5-2 days | Travel Voice (Travel Industry News)

Travel Technology International Conference “WiT Japan”, a comprehensive real-life gathering of world and Japanese travel leaders, July 5-2 days | Travel Voice (Travel Industry News)

The International Conference on Travel Technology “WiT Japan & North Asia” will be held at The Westin Tokyo on July 5-6, 2023. The theme this time is “Hello, New World”. We’ll discuss a wide range of topics, from the emergence of new value to accelerating technology, about travel markets in Japan and across Northeast Asia, which are finally emerging from a pandemic that has lasted nearly three years.

This time, it will be held in real life for the first time in many years, and there will be a gorgeous lineup of speakers, including top managers of major travel companies around the world, experts familiar with various fields, as well as founders and founders. Executives of startups growing rapidly under the coronavirus. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Multiple speakers from various fields will be on stage

Jesper Kohl, Global Ambassador and Specialist Director of Monex Group Japan, topped the list on day one. I will consider post-pandemic Japan in terms of both tourist destination and customer referral market.

Simeon Shih, Friggy’s Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Corporate Development, discusses the latest developments in China, which are key to a full recovery in the tourism market. We spoke to Caesar Indra, President of Traveloka, about Southeast Asia gaining traction as the fastest growing region for e-commerce.

Also, Myung Hwan Chan, CEO of GC Company, Min Young, CEO of Tidesquare, and Dong Gun Lee, Founder and CEO of MyRealTrip, are scheduled to take the stage at the Korea K-tech conference that creates new trends.

Likewise, the Taiwanese market, a source of innovation and creativity in East Asia, will be discussed by executives from Lion Travel Group, Taiwan Creative Tourism and Community Design Association, CardinalRain and RTM Taiwan.

Many key figures representing Japan’s tourism industry also appeared. These included Eijiro Yamakita, President and CEO of JTB, Rieko Nakayama, Chairman of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), Shinichi Inoue, President and CEO of All Nippon Airways, and Kenya Katayama, Mayor of Niseko, Hokkaido.

Also, in 2022, Mr. Kenji Sunada, the founder of Kabuku Style, a growing company in the Asia-Pacific region, will talk about his business style that does not stick to precedent or common sense. MGM Resorts and ORIX aim to open Japan’s first IR, MGM Resorts Japan, in 2029.

Annual Discussion of Domestic OTA Enterprises

One of the most popular conferences since the beginning of WiT, the discussion on the online travel market included top executives from Japanese companies such as Recruit, Ikkyu, Rakuten and JTB, global OTAs such as Booking.com and Expedia, and Fintech. Mr. Wang, general manager of Hopper Asia Pacific, who is making great strides internationally, will participate.

As in previous years, travel-related start-ups that received applications from all over the world, as well as Japan, made the podium. As an entrepreneurial showcase, 6 entrepreneurs came on stage this time, and each introduced their business model for 5 minutes. The sharp feedback from experts and investors is also one of the highlights of WiT.

In addition, gorgeous speakers are thinking about various topics such as airports, the business of aviation, new technologies that will change the hospitality industry, diversity and inclusion, metaverse and artificial intelligence, destination marketing, tabinaka business revolution and many more. These two days will be packed with information and insights that cannot be ignored as we look to the future of the travel market.

The outline of WiT Japan & North Asia 2023 is as follows. Travel Voice is once again the official media partner of WiT Japan & North Asia this year.

Activity overview

  • Date and time: 2023/07/05 (water) 13:00 ~ 06 (wooden) 18:00
  • Venue: THE WESTIN TOKYO (1-4-1 Mita-ku, Meguro-ku, Tokyo)
  • Organizer: Japan WiT & North Asia Secretariat
  • Event overview & application: https://eventregist.com/e/wit_jana2023
  • price
    • Normal Fee (5/13-6/23) 108,000 JPY
    • Regular group fee (4 to 7 people/per person, May 13 to June 23) 88,000 yen
    • Regular group fee (8 people or more / 1 person fee, from May 13 to June 23) 83,000 yen
    • Student fee 9800 yen
    • Activation fee 50,000 yen

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