Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong establishes new B2B platform

The Travel Industry Council (TIC) is recruiting members for its newly launched GreaterGo, a B2B travel resource platform designed to help travel industry players drive more product innovation in the Greater Bay Area (GBA), and all the way) initiative.

The platform is free to join for the first year, with the option to become a VIP member by paying an annual fee of HK$2,000 (US$254) to enjoy exclusive access to B2B transactions and promotion of the latest travel products and services.

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Tourism Industry Council is recruiting members to join B2B travel resource platform GreaterGo

Members will also benefit from exclusive marketing events, trade events and festivals organized throughout the year.

Fanny Yeung, executive director of TIC, shared that the platform’s target customers are travel agencies, hotels, attractions, national tourism organizations, and restaurant operators, among others, who are looking for business opportunities.

She added that there will be seasonal promotions to drive bookings for GreaterGo members as well as study tours. One such promotion was the World of Winners ticket giveaway at Hong Kong International Airport, where 35,000 tickets were allocated to TIC.

GreaterGo, funded by the Hong Kong SAR 2019/2020 Budget, has attracted more than 200 businesses to sign up in the past two months, half of whom have opted for VIP membership.

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