Travel desire and economic uncertainty: More than half of Asia-Pacific tourists are confident in their travel plans

Travel desire and economic uncertainty: More than half of Asia-Pacific tourists are confident in their travel plans

Travel desire and economic uncertainty: More than half of Asia-Pacific tourists are confident in their travel plans recently released its much-anticipated Asia Pacific Travel Confidence Index (TCI) 2023, which provides an analysis of travel sentiment across the region. While financial issues top travelers’ concerns, an impressive 73% of Asia Pacific travelers are optimistic about their upcoming travel plans for the next year.

Independently conducted by Milieu Insight and commissioned by, the TCI 2023 study involved more than 8,000 travelers from 11 countries and territories in the Asia Pacific region. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of travel confidence and sustainability interest, revealing destinations across the Asia Pacific region. Singapore ranks fourth in tourist confidence among the countries surveyed.

The report goes beyond travel attitudes and identifies four unique traveler personas, providing insight into their motivations, priorities and behaviors:

Conscious explorer: These travelers hail from Hong Kong, India, China and Taiwan and are actively seeking eco-friendly and sustainable travel experiences. They are passionate about exploring while minimizing their environmental impact, participating in eco-tourism, staying in sustainable accommodation, and supporting the local community.

Comfort seekers: As typified by Singaporean and Australian tourists, comfort seekers prioritize convenience and indulgence. They seek luxury experiences and accommodations that provide maximum relaxation, valuing personalized service and high-quality amenities over sustainability considerations.

Mindful Navigator: This image is common in Vietnam. Mindful travelers take a deliberate approach to travel driven by a sense of environmental responsibility and a desire to support local communities. However, they may also experience anxiety in unfamiliar environments and actively seek resources to overcome travel worries and gain confidence.

Home Pragmatists: These travelers from New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and Thailand prefer practical travel options and places close to home. They prioritize convenience, efficiency, and making the most of limited time and resources with a well-organized and efficient travel experience.

For Singapore, travel is a much-needed escape for 60% of residents, relieving the stress of everyday life. In addition, 43% of visitors to Singapore seek authentic cultural experiences that bring them closer to the heart and soul of their destination.

Singaporean tourists show strong determination to spend their hard-earned dollars on travel experiences (32%) rather than other fleeting pleasures. Furthermore, 27% of them showed a sense of adventure, tending to travel to lesser-known and less-visited destinations.

79% of visitors to Singapore place food and dining experience as a top priority as they taste different cuisines from around the world. They also appreciate stunning scenery, with 70% seeking breathtaking scenery. Exploring famous sights and landmarks is high on their travel bucket list, with 64% eager to discover the iconic wonders of the world. Shopping remains a popular activity, with 60% of visitors to Singapore indulging in retail therapy during their adventures.

However, the report highlights that Singaporean tourists place less emphasis on sustainability, with only 32 percent saying it is important. They are the least likely to invest in sustainable accommodation options (18%), suggesting a strong tendency to prioritize personal comfort and enjoyment while traveling.

Nonetheless, Singaporean tourists have shown resourcefulness in managing their travel expenses effectively. Some 57 percent opted for affordable accommodation, 52 percent planned to travel during off-peak hours to take advantage of lower prices, and 48 percent opted for less expensive modes of transportation.

Laura Houldsworth, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, said: “Despite some macroeconomic headwinds, one thing remains clear for all Asia Pacific travelers: their spirit of adventure and desire to create lasting memories through travel remains strong And strong.”

“Despite the profound impact of the pandemic, insights from this year’s Travel Confidence Index are reassuring evidence that Asia-Pacific is reclaiming its position as the world’s fastest-growing travel region.”

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