Travel demand from Filipinos on the rise this year

On the first day (February 3) of the Philippine Travel Agents Association’s (PTAA) three-day Travel Expo 2023, it was heard from the crowd that some of the destinations in Asia and beyond were filled with strong demand from Filipinos this year. The desire to travel.

South Korea and Japan top most people’s lists, but South Korea’s bright light has been dimmed due to stricter visa application rules.

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Enthusiastic response during PTAA Travel Tour Expo 2023 shows how eager Filipinos are to travel

“Japan has always had strong ties to the Philippines, and for the most part, there is always a culinary experience that they want to enjoy, whatever their purpose. Likewise, the ties to (Korean) Korea are in K-pop and Telenovelas on, but they also want some food experiences,” said Aileen Clemente, president and chairman of Rajah Travel.

In Asia, travel to Bangkok is picking up, and tours to Singapore and Hong Kong have also opened, other tour operators at the show said. Dubai is another favorite choice because, like South Korea, there are always new travel offerings.

Mike Hain, group manager for Corporate International Travel and Tours, Inc. (CITTI), said travelers now prefer to experience rather than watch, and “selling travel that touches the emotions is cuter.”

Hayne cites a trip to Finland where all the passengers — including the elderly — felt like they were younger when they met Santa instead of sitting on his lap.

CITTI started selling all-inclusive Silversea cruises, mainly for expeditions to the Arctic and Galapagos Islands, and received positive feedback – demand from seasoned travelers wanting to try something different. The same applies to alternative destinations in Scandinavia.

Since many Filipinos have traveled to Asia, they now tend to travel to long-haul destinations such as Europe, Canada and the United States. Turkey also remains popular for its great-value packages and otherworldly scenery.

Filipinos are proponents of religious pilgrimage, and while there is an increase this year, 2024 and 2025 will be much better, said DB Tourism managing director Enes Esen.

In Europe, places of worship such as Rome, Lourdes and Fatima are in high demand, Essen said. He explained that while Europe is an expensive destination, so are Japan and South Korea.

Clemente commented that Filipinos also travel more with their families. While they want to travel to celebrate and appreciate life and love, more importantly, they want to go to destinations they believe are “emergency response” should anything happen.

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