Train tickets go on sale 7 days before Laos New Year travel date


Vientiane: Passengers who want to travel on the Laos-China Railway Co., Ltd. during the Laos New Year holiday can purchase tickets up to seven days in advance of their planned travel date, instead of the usual few days in advance.

The advance ticket purchase program is available for travel on any day between April 14 and 22, a time when many people are vacationing in the northern provinces.

In addition, the company will operate two EMU trains (numbered C92/1 and C84/3) between Vientiane and Luang Prabang from April 12 to 19. It is expected that the number of trips on this line will reach Luang Prabang. peak. It is the most popular destination during Pi Mai Lao holidays.

Meanwhile, train operators are adjusting timetables at some stations to accommodate rising passenger numbers.

Laos-China railway travel is popular because of its convenience, speed and relatively cheap price.

The official dates for Pi Mai Lao are April 13-16, with extra days added to make up for the fact that the first two days of the holiday fall on Saturday and Sunday.

Luang Prabang City Hall has prepared a series of exciting traditional events to entertain visitors, including the street market at That Luang Square. The first round of Miss Sankham (Miss Laos New Year) competition will be held on April 11th and the final will be held on April 12th. On April 13, the Buddha statue will be taken out of the temple for worshipers to clean it.

On April 14, the Ruai festival will be held, with a significant cultural tradition, and people will also visit temples and pour special water on the Buddha statues.

On April 15, people will take to the streets to splash water on each other, and believers will again go to temples to respectfully splash water on Buddha statues.

Activities on April 16 include almsgiving, a Lao Tourism Year tourist parade, a Naga parade and a lantern parade.

From April 17 to 19, the city’s governor and senior officials will visit the city’s most revered temple, bathe the Buddha statues with perfume, and gather at the Souvannaphoum Malam temple in Luang Prabang City on April 20. – Vientiane Times/ANN


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