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Formerly known as Burma, the Asian country of Myanmar attracts many tourists for a number of reasons. Of course, the beach is a big draw, but this culturally thriving hub also offers nature experiences in and out of the water. There are also countless temples and pagodas that make for amazing travel photos.

From the culture to the food to the economic climate, there’s a lot to know about traveling to Myanmar. Here, we’ll cover ten things travelers need to be aware of when planning their trip.

observe nature and culture

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As mentioned earlier, one of the great things about Myanmar is its rich culture. You get to see people of all backgrounds and races here, which is amazing. Also great are the architectural wonders, such as the most famous Buddhist temple, the Shwedagon Pagoda. It is also one of the holiest places, making it a top tourist destination.

Still, when it comes to enjoying nature, there’s a lot more to explore. For example, the site proposed by UNESCO in Myanmar is the Padarin Cave, an archaeological and natural wonder.The cave contains elements over 13,000 years old Myanmar tourism.

Depart for Myanmar in the dry winter

River boats on the Ayeyarwady River, Myanmar
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Visiting Myanmar in winter is ideal, where days tend to be dry and warm and nights cool and pleasant responsible vacation. In this temperature range, you’ll still need insulation, especially if you plan to hike to higher altitudes.

Some sources say November to February is the ideal time to travel, but responsible vacation October to March is the ideal time frame. The former may attract fewer tourists, while the latter may be the perfect spot to get non-tropical downpour weather.

Squat near old Bagan to admire the sights of Myanmar

Two people riding mopeds in Old Bagan, Myanmar
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Staying near old Bagan along the Ayeyarwady River in the Mandalay region puts you up close and personal with cool cultural sites. There are plenty of pagodas and other cool structures to see here, easily accessible by staying in the Bagan area.

Check in to Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort

Water view in front of Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort in Bagan
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Looking at the photos of this 4 star hotel, you wouldn’t expect it to be so affordable. But for $60 a night, Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort’s on-site pool, modern amenities and great river views make it the best choice for your stay in Myanmar. It’s so picturesque, you might not want to leave at all!

Taste traditional dishes like Lephet Thoke and Shan Rice

Lephet Thoke sounds like a super exotic dish, but according to Myanmar tourism, this dish is actually a salad. However, it’s by no means basic: Lephet Thoke consists of fermented tea leaves, cabbage, tomatoes, refried beans, nuts and peas, fish fillets and garlic. You’ll find this dish on its own, but it can also be combined with rice for a complete meal.

Speaking of rice, Shan rice is another popular dish. Shan rice (or Nga Htamin) is rice topped with crispy fried fish, saffron and vegetables. Sounds amazing, right?

Travel by bus for best results

People sitting on mopeds in front of cultural sites in Bagan, Myanmar
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There are taxis, buses, trains and boats in Myanmar. You can also fly from city to city, which is usually the fastest and most convenient way to travel if you’re traveling from Old Bagan to the coast.However, Asian experts like asian highlights It is recommended to take the bus for the best results.

They point out that the bus system is cheaper and more reliable than trains and less stressful for novice travelers. Taxis are also an appropriate mode of transportation for many travelers, but traffic can be heavy (and dangerous). That means the ever-popular moped/scooter option might not be ideal for first-time visitors.

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bagan

Women watching the sunrise on the ancient monuments in Myanmar
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While there are many places in Myanmar that deserve to be designated as World Heritage Sites, Bagan is one of the few actual sites covered by UNESCO. Bagan is an archaeological area that also hosts thousands of Buddhist monuments including temples, monasteries and more. You’ll see stunning wall paintings in 300 temples, and you can spend a full day exploring Bagan.

Don’t forget to visit Nyaung Lat Phet, the sunset viewing platform where you can take an epic photo of Bagan on Instagram. Also close by are Bagan Golden Palace and Museum.

Stock up on Kyats when traveling

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As you probably already know, Myanmar used to be called Burma. The country retained its traditional English name until 1989. Travelers still refer to it as “Burma” even though it’s been called “Burma” for over 30 years (although locals have called it “Burma” since the 13th century, point out) Encyclopedia Britannica).

But knowing the background helps travelers understand why the currency is sometimes called the kyat. Of course, Myanmar Kyat is also commonly used to describe currency. Currently, 1 US dollar is equivalent to 1,363.31 Kyats. Prices are quite affordable for visitors to Myanmar, but not as cheap as going to Thailand or the Philippines.

Great deals on flights during September

A man walks towards plane on tarmac in Myanmar
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May, June and July are high tourist season and prices go up kayak. In contrast, September is the cheapest month to travel to Myanmar, almost exactly in line with our seasonal climate recommendations.Every kayakexpect to pay as little as $480 for a flight to Myanmar in September.

Explore the beaches of Myanmar

Ngapali Beach, Myanmar
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While our recommended hotels and areas to explore aren’t close to the coast, the ocean views of Myanmar’s western border are well worth a visit if you’re a beach traveler. Vacationers love to learn about marine life through snorkeling and scuba diving, but biking or kayaking along the coast are also popular pastimes.

There’s also the fact that the coast of Myanmar features mangroves in the “Myanmar coast”, an ecoregion that spans the country as well as Malaysia and Thailand. Sadly, most of the woods have been cleared by humans, but restoration work is underway.


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