Tourism Malaysia returns to the Arabian Travel Market for the 29th year | News

Tourism Malaysia returns to the Arabian Travel Market for the 29th year | News

Tourism Malaysia’s efforts to promote its comprehensive promotions continue to extend to the Middle East. His Excellency Khairul Firdaus Akbar Khan, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia, led the Malaysian delegation to participate in Dubai’s Arabian Travel Market (ATM) again from 1-4 May 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC).

The four-day ATM provides Malaysia with an excellent platform to market and promote the latest attractions and destinations, including shopping, family entertainment, eco-adventures, honeymoons, luxury holidays and safe travel destinations. ATM 2023 also marks the 29th anniversary of Malaysia’s participation in this prestigious event, a strong testament to the country’s support for the event and its commitment to attracting more Middle Eastern tourists to Malaysia.

As in previous years, the prestigious annual event attracted a Malaysian delegation from 76 organisations, including hotels and resorts, travel agencies, tourism product owners, representatives of various state governments including the Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) , Penang Global Tourism Board, Sabah State Tourism Board, Sarawak Tourism Board, Malacca Tourism Board, Pahang Tourism Board and Johor Tourism Board.

The mission aims to restore and strengthen the commitment to establish good tourism cooperation, participate in future cooperation and cooperation with the tourism industry in the region. His Excellency Khairul Firdaus said at the launch ceremony: “In line with the Malaysia Tourism Plan 2025, Tourism Malaysia will strive to attract more Middle Eastern tourists to Malaysia. We are confident in achieving our goal of making Malaysia a top destination for Muslim tourists land.”

Throughout the event, the Malaysian delegation met with senior executives from several Middle Eastern airlines including Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad, Saudia, Air Arabia, Oman Air and Salam Air to discuss future Cooperation, in addition to giving several interviews. local media.

On 2-3 May 2023, His Excellency Khairul Firdaus witnessed the signing of two Memoranda of Cooperation (MOC) between Tourism Malaysia and Saudia and Tourism Malaysia and Air Arabia. The MOC will benefit the Malaysian economy and strengthen economic ties through tourism between Malaysia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. His Excellency Khairul Firdaus then hosted a “Malaysia Night Dinner” on 2 May 2023 to thank the Dubai Tourism Friendship Association and local media for their support and assistance in promoting Malaysia.

Since the full reopening of international borders, Malaysia has welcomed a total of 10,070,964 (10.07 million) tourist arrivals and RM28.2 billion (AED23.5 billion) in tourism receipts in 2022, surpassing the initial target of 9.2 million international tourists. In 2023, Malaysia aims to welcome 16.1 million international tourists (300,000 from West Asia) and generate RM49.2 billion (Dh41.1 billion) in tourism receipts.


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