Tourism Authority of Thailand, let’s run in Thailand, the “Land of Smiles”! “Amazing Thailand Marathon 2018 Symposium” Held- Travel Observation


Thailand Tourism Agency booth exhibited at “Tokyo Marathon Expo 2018”

On February 22, the Tourism Authority of Thailand held the “2018 Wonderful Thailand Marathon Seminar” for travel agencies, media and the public.

The venue is Tokyo Big Sight where “Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2018” is held. On the day of the event, the surrounding area of ​​the venue was crowded with runners who came to collect their number plates.


Tokyo Big Sight, the venue of Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2018

At the beginning of the seminar, Mr. Pattalaanon Nachaengmai, Director of the Tokyo Office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, said, “Thailand aims to become one of the world’s leading marathon countries, which is important for tourists from Japan. I think this is one of the high niche markets ,”He said.


Mr. Pattalaanon Nachaengmai, Director of Tokyo Office, Tourism Authority of Thailand

“Speaking of marathons in Thailand, there are many types of tracks. There are 200 marathons with different characteristics throughout the year, such as running along beautiful beaches, running around world heritage sites and local villages.” As the finisher of the marathon After the pampering, you can enjoy traditional Thai massage and spa treatments at reasonable prices to spend a fulfilling running trip. Today, feel the charm of the Thai Marathon. he greeted.

Next, Mr. Kisho Fujimura, Marketing Manager of the Tokyo Office of the Tourism Agency of Thailand, gave a basic overview of the tourism situation in Japan and Thailand in recent years and the reasons why Japanese people travel to Thailand. It is said that Thailand is currently one of the five favorite overseas destinations for Japanese people. The reason is that there are so many places to visit and activities that vary. And mentioned that it is one of the most pro-Japanese countries in Asia. Especially when running a marathon in an unfamiliar place, everyone will be very curious. As for health related to injuries, he explained that “Thailand has many high-quality medical institutions.”


Mr. Kisaki Fujimura, Marketing Manager of Tokyo Office of Tourism Authority of Thailand, explained the current situation between Japan and Thailand

After that, he introduced the videos of the six major events in Thailand, including Khon Kaen International Marathon and Chiang Mai Marathon. For example, the Chiang Mai Marathon held in Chiang Mai, a tourist attraction in northern Thailand before Christmas every December, is said to be a wonderful marathon track that can run all over the beautiful city shrouded in morning fog and watch historic sites at dawn.

In addition, let me introduce the “2018 Bangkok Magical Thailand Marathon” that was just held on February 4th. This is the first competition organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and it is also the first time this year. You can download your own run times from the official Facebook page, and you can search for your own photos by number bib and download them.


Recently, the Michelin Guide was also published in Bangkok. One of the charms of Thailand is that you can eat delicious food at reasonable prices.


The main marathon event in Thailand.Held throughout the year


“2018 Amazing Thailand Marathon Bangkok” held on February 4

Mr. Yukiya Higuchi, the former editor-in-chief of the running magazine Creel who finished the full marathon of “Amazing Thailand Marathon 2018 Bangkok Marathon”, took the stage to introduce the charm of the Thailand Marathon.


Yukiya Higuchi, former editor-in-chief of Running Magazine Creel. There is a national flag on the number cloth of the Chiang Mai Marathon. It is good to know which country you are from. The reason why I know such details is probably because I have traveled all over the place.

According to Mr. Higuchi who believes that “travel is companionship”, the people you go with are interesting, and the fun of traveling will be doubled! Therefore, I will introduce marathon events across Thailand while categorizing them according to the type of people who participate together. Mr. Higuchi, who has run all the marathons, recommends the following marathons by type. Those who are interested in the Thailand Marathon can refer to it.

Thailand’s Capital Bangkok Marathon for Beginners

Amazing Thailand Marathon Bangkok:Held in early February, 30,000 people attended
Amari Watergate Bangkok Charity Midnight Run:Held in mid-October, 7,000 people participated
Bangkok International Marathon:Held in mid-November, 35,000 people attended
Three marathons are currently being held in the capital Bangkok. Most importantly, it’s easily accessible, so it doesn’t take much time to move around, so it’s recommended for beginners in Thailand. Food and sightseeing options are plentiful and varied for your peace of mind.

if you want to set a record

Khon Kaen International Marathon:Held in late January, 40,000 people attend
Because the course is flat and there are few ups and downs, it is easy to set records. Therefore, it favors bonuses. Also, the body seems to move because of the good weather. Honglianhai (Honglian Lake) is a must-see for sightseeing.

if you like animals

Chiang Mai Marathon:Held in late September, 4,500 people participated
There is only one up and down. Good weather, easy to run. In terms of sightseeing, you can play with elephants and tigers. The city is fun to walk around and there are many sights to see.

if you want to go with a bad boy

Pattaya International Marathon:Held in mid-July, 4,000 people participated
Run while feeling the pleasant sea breeze, and you can walk in the sea after the run. You can enjoy the night out by getting off the saddle(?) and detoxing in various ways.


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