Top 10 Influencers Using ChatGPT

People worry that ChatGPT will take over a lot of work, but what if it allows us to do better? Rather than dreading the technology, many have been using it to grow their online careers. They found that AI could increase their productivity and creativity. Meet ChatGPT Influencers!

These people use ChatGPT to create unique online videos. Others entertain their audience, while some provide further insights into AI. However, they show the world how artificial intelligence can be used in the real world. Even better, they prove that everyone can benefit from an AI chatbot, even if they are not tech-savvy.

I will discuss online influencers who use ChatGPT to create and improve their content. This list will mostly cover YouTube users, but there are also some people who use it to make new services. Hope this list inspires you to apply ChatGPT in your daily life.

ChatGPT Top 10 Influencers

  1. Danz Villar
  2. Liam James Key
  3. Tan Chaudhry
  4. Adrian Twarog
  5. Hadar Shemesh
  6. Nick White
  7. Alec Wilcock
  8. Barry Endwick
  9. Brian Hartlett
  10. ghostwriter

1. Denz del Villar

The website My Philippines Travel Level promotes tourism to the Philippines during peak tourist season. Believe it or not, someone with very little coding experience created it using ChatGPT.

Denz Del Villar said he was inspired by a similar Japanese app in 2019. However, he was not confident in his web design experience.

Luckily, he discovered the AI ​​chatbot during a stopover in Turkey. A ChatGPT influencer told the NewsInfo Inquirer: “Parang naisipan ko na why not use ChatGPT to help me create this app to help me learn web development while creating this tourist map of the Philippines.”

(I thought, “Why don’t I use ChatGPT to create this app to help me learn web development while creating this tourist map of the Philippines.) Also, he explains how the chatbot helped him make the website:

“(The site) has a lot of pictures, you need a map first, but I didn’t know how to do it, not even how to draw it. I asked ChatGPT how to start. I also followed the format of the guy who made the Japanese version. The site was not live yet , because many features are still missing,” he said.

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It also guides him through other fundamental aspects of web design, such as getting a domain. People all over the world use this tool to show how many Filipino regions they have visited.

People started sharing their maps on social media. Others see it as a friendly rivalry between peers. Thus, this ChatGPT influencer has helped boost tourism in the Philippines.

2. Liam James Key

Do you want to know how to make money with ChatGPT? Let Liam James Kay help you with his YouTube videos and blog.

He is known for his ability to offer new ways to monetize AI chatbots. He leverages his extensive experience and understanding of technology trends to create the following technologies:

  1. Create and sell chatbots and virtual assistants
  2. Generate automated content for websites, social media and other platforms
  3. Provide language translation services
  4. Develop and sell GPT-based software and applications

These tips are from his “4 Genius Ways to Make Money Using ChatGPT” video, but there are more tips on his channel. Alternatively, you can check out my article on earning income with AI.

3. Tan Choudhury

Business leaders will appreciate Tan Choudhury’s content. He builds an online presence by offering unconventional ways to do business using ChatGPT.

What’s more, he is a unique ChatGPT influencer because he is not afraid to take risks. Choudhury believes in “fail fast and learn faster” and openly shares his failures, struggles, and successes.

He showed the world how to use an AI chatbot to calculate risk and learn from setbacks to succeed. Therefore, Choudhury’s content is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Watch the video above to learn more about his journey. Also, check out my article on the 10 Best Business Apps for ChatGPT and other digital trends.

4. Adrian Twarog

Do you want to use ChatGPT to make a website like “My Philippines Travel Level” map? Watch Adrian Twarog’s YouTube channel. He is a web designer and developer creating websites using the Ai chatbot.

Additionally, he has a strong background in front-end web development. In other words, Twarog is a reliable source of ChatGPT web design insights. Additionally, he can break down technical aspects to suit a wider audience.

As a result, he gained a loyal following. At the time of writing, the ChatGPT influencer has 338,000 subscribers and the video above has 4,840,312 views.

5. Hadar Shemesh

Teachers and schools have been concerned about ChatGPT’s impact on education. However, Hadar Shemesh shows that it can be a powerful tool for English language learners.

Unlike other ChatGPT influencers, she uses ChatGPT to create a fun language learning experience. She uses AI bots to create personalized lessons for her students.

Hence, her tutorials are clear and easy to follow. She combines AI with her experience as a linguistics expert and communication coach to deliver intuitive English lessons.

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Her website says she has worked with companies including Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, General Motors, WeWork and Wix. As of this writing, her YouTube channel has over 814,000 subscribers.

Other companies are similarly applying ChatGPT. For example, Duolingo released the Duolingo Max. It uses artificial intelligence to simulate how language is used in the real world to facilitate learning.

6. Nick White

Do you want more lessons on making your first website with artificial intelligence? Check out Nick White’s Youtube channel where he shares knowledge about coding with ChatGPT.

He was a software developer and computer programmer who made significant contributions to the development of the web. Plus, White is always up to date on the latest ChatGPT trends and practices.

These experiences allow him to write efficient code for websites. For example, ChatGPT influencers use bots to automate coding tasks. As a result, he’s become a more effective Web developer.

White provides a detailed tutorial on how to implement AI in web development. He also shared various lessons he learned after testing the ChatGPT feature. All of his content is easy to follow, so give it a try today.

7. Alec Wilcock

Did you know that ChatGPT can help you create YouTube videos? Besides discussing it in the video, it also helps you make them. Alec Wilcock can help you with his ChatGPT content on YouTube.

He is a digital marketer and content creator popular for his use of artificial intelligence in video production. For example, using an AI bot, Wilcock demonstrated how scripts, subtitles, and subtitles can be generated in minutes.

He stays on top of the latest trends and essential practices to share with a wide audience. Making videos is complicated, so Wilcock makes sure his content is easy to understand.

Regarding AI in video production, popular video editing tools have added AI capabilities. For example, Adobe introduced new features for Premiere Pro and After Effects. They use AI to transcribe scripts from spoken scripts.

8. Barry Endwick

Let’s introduce more unique ChatGPT influencers. Barry Enderwick is co-founder of marketing firm Kaizen Creative Partnership.

He’s also behind “Historical Sandwiches,” a video series that showcases a variety of sandwich recipes. One day, he wants to ask ChatGPT for unique recipes.

In response, Ai offered wacky ingredients for the sandwich. For example, the first recipe involves eggs, avocado, and chocolate sauce.

Believe it or not, Underwick says it’s surprisingly delicious. Eventually, he created a subsection for his show called “AI Friday: The Sandwich of Future History.”

Today, some companies have been using artificial intelligence to create new flavors. For example, Japanese beverage company Sapporo uses artificial intelligence to produce new beverages.

9. Brian Hartlett

Did you know that ChatGPT can write episodes for your favorite TV shows? Bryan Hartlett used ChatGPT to create fan fiction about the Gilmore Girls TV show on TikTok.

His most popular AI video has over a million views. It involves a fictional phone call between high society mom Emily Gilmore and her daughter Lorelei Gilmore.

Another video features Stars Hollow resident Kirk complaining to local restaurateurs about menu prices. In response, audiences were amazed at the similarities to the source material.

“You thought you could sneak into a Gilmore Girls episode and we wouldn’t notice,” joked one commenter. Plus, another wrote, “ChatGPT wrote Emily so well.”

Despite the success of his content, Hartlett noted that AI bots still require human intervention. He said it took time to develop the characters and understand how to create the same tone and facial rhythm humor as the original.

10. Ghostwriting

Image source:

Have you heard “Heart On My Sleeve,” Drake and The Weeknd’s latest collaboration? However, the song was written by artificial intelligence and the two artists are not related in any way!

An anonymous user named Ghostwriter shared it online. He described himself as “a ghostwriter for years, getting paid next to nothing just to make money for the major labels.”

He posted the song on YouTube on April 16, commenting, “This is just the beginning.” In response, many online viewers also shared a few words about the song.

One said, “If Drake releases it, this will go to No. 1 on the charts.” Another said, “If you tell me it’s just an unreleased song, I’ll believe it.”

One said, “When Drake himself first heard the news, I wished I had been a fly on the wall.” Despite using AI to make “Heart On My Sleeve,” others acknowledged how powerful Ghostwriter is. talent.

There was an original video broadcast yesterday, but the original post is gone. However, other YouTube channels have reposted “Heart On My Sleeve”, so you can still tune in.

in conclusion

ChatGPT influencers demonstrate the positive impact of artificial intelligence. It can boost tourism in a country and share valuable lessons worldwide.

You can check out their content to learn how to apply ChatGPT to your daily life. You can follow their examples or use them as inspiration to create new approaches.

This site also has a wealth of information about ChatGPT. Inquirer Tech keeps up with the latest trends in artificial intelligence, virtual reality and cryptocurrency, so you can adapt to our ever-changing world.

Frequently Asked Questions About ChatGPT Influencers

What is a ChatGPT Influencer?

ChatGPT Influencers are individuals who apply and teach ChatGPT. Denz Del Villar, for example, used it to create the My Philippines Travel Level website, which makes traveling in the Philippines more fun. Also, Hadar Shemesh uses AI bots to help people all over the world learn English.

How can I become a ChatGPT influencer?

You can become a ChatGPT influencer by sharing content using AI bots. For example, you could offer lessons on using the tool or making YouTube videos with it. Others use it to create websites that offer unique services. For example, Denz Del Villar used it to create the My Philippines Travel Level website.

Can I use ChatGPT in other ways?

You can use ChatGPT to make homework easier to understand. Plus, you can chat with it to discover business ideas based on your budget, experience, and other factors. ChatGPT can also write you a great resume and help you find love! Click here to know more about the application of ChatGPT in daily life.

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