(Toei Housing) Philippine Condominium Project “HANA Garden Villa” Phase 1 35 Units Sold Out | Toei Housing Co., Ltd. Press Release

(Toei Housing) Philippine Condominium Project “HANA Garden Villa” Phase 1 35 Units Sold Out | Toei Housing Co., Ltd. Press Release

Since the launch, it has been well received by many customers, and 35 units were sold out in a shorter time than originally planned.

The sale of 41 units of the second phase (planning) is planned to start soon.

【Project Overview】

Name: HANA Garden Villas

Location: Pietrain, Cabuyao City, Laguna Province (Republic of the Philippines)

Development area: about 4.1 hectares

Number of units sold: Phase 1: 35 units (sold out) Phase 2: 41 units (planned) Total number of units planned: 126 units (planned)

Construction area: about 210-300㎡

Carriage area: 144-230㎡

DHSUD Marketing Authorization No. 830

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CTP’s flagship project HANA Garden Villas is located at the corner of Pittland, Nuvali Boulevard and Canlubang Golf Road (also known as José Euro Street), Cabuyao City, Laguna Province.

In addition to its convenient location less than an hour from the commercial centers of Makati City, Bonifacio Global City and Ninoy Aquino International Airport, it is also planned to be developed on land near residential subdivisions by partner company PESH commercial complex. yes.

The residential complex with a total area of ​​about 4.1 hectares will be built underground without utility poles, and several pocket parks are planned in addition to a clubhouse equipped with a swimming pool, gym, games room and auditorium.

(Development Overview)<第一階段銷售部分>

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The floor plan of the product house is 3LDK (two floors) to 4LDK (three floors), each floor has a private garden and parking spaces for 2 to 4 cars. Adopt a system that does not embed equipment pipes into the frame, because of the double floors and tube wells that have been obtained.


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We hired well-known local designers and engineers for master planning, clubhouse and housing design, etc. Toei housing engineers directly participated in block design and housing planning. We are strongly aware of the harmony of Japanese culture and become a product plan that sticks to manufacturing.

(Clubhouse Perth)

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■ Consultation on this matter

Toei Housing Co., Ltd. Overseas Business Promotion Office

Phone 042-463-8188

■Company Profile


Representative Director and President: Chihiro Sato

Business content: independent housing business, apartment sales business, construction contracting business, real estate leasing business

Established: March 10, 1951

Headquarters: 4-26-3 Shibakubocho, Nishitokyo, Tokyo

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