Tobu Railway has unveiled the new N100 series “Spacia X”. The inside and outside of the car, such as suites and private rooms, are explained in detail with pictures! – Travel watches

Tobu Railway has unveiled the new N100 series “Spacia X”. The inside and outside of the car, such as suites and private rooms, are explained in detail with pictures! – Travel watches

Panorama of formations seen from Asakusa. The exterior color is inspired by the white color of gofun used on the pillars of Nikko Toshogu Shrine. The appearance seems to change unexpectedly depending on the degree of light etc.

Tobu Railway launched actual N100 series “Spacia X” limited express trains in the Minami-Kuribashi Railway area. At the time of the presentation in July 2022, the outlines of the various customer service facilities were already made clear, but the reality is presented for the first time.

6 types of guest rooms in 6 cars

Usually, express trains are dominated by standard cabins, and there are other forms such as first-class and second-class cabins. However, “Spacia X” has 6 types of guest rooms in a 6-car train. The layout of each car is as follows.

↑Tobu Nikko/Kinugawa Onsen
Car 1: Cockpit lounge, cafe counter
Car 2: premium seat
Car No. 3: Standard Seat
Car No. 4: Standard Seat
Car No. 5: Box seat, standard seat (including wheelchair)
Car No. 6: compartment, cockpit suite
↓From Asakusa

Cars No. 2 to No. 5 are electric cars equipped with electric motors. In industry terms, it is a 6-car train set of “4M2T”. In other words, the “Cockpit Lounge”, “Copartment” and “Cockpit Suite” are unpowered and expected to be quieter. In addition, both the lead car and the number 2 car are equipped with anti-sway devices (so-called active suspension).

Toilets and washrooms are provided in car No. 2 (Tobu Nikko/Kinugawa Onsen) and car No. 5 (Asakusa), the latter including facilities for the disabled.


One of the highlights, Car 6’s “Cockpit Suite”


Only the side windows of the two leading cars are hexagonal. This is designed in the image of Kumiko Kanuma. The photo is of car No. 1, and the beer waiter at the cafe counter can be seen through the window.


Looking at the front part from the side, there seems to be a figure leading to the current 100 series “Spacia”


front. Three layers of LEDs make up the front and rear indicators. The bottom two rows have a front marker light (high and low beam) in the center and red rear marker lights at either end. The top row is the front indicator light (the high beam is on)


Here the rear indicator lights up.

Car No. 5 (box seat, standard seat)

Car No. 5 has a box seat on each side of Tobu Nikko/Kinugawa Onsen. There are standard seats at the back, but the two rows toward Asakusa are wheelchair-accessible, the left side is single seats toward Tobu Nikko/Kinugawa Onsen, and wheelchairs can be transferred, and the right side is free space for wheelchairs.


Panoramic view of car No. 5. The windowless areas on the front are the accessible washroom/restroom area and the multipurpose room area.


The box seats are surrounded by high screens, so you don’t have to worry about your eyes. However, the overhead is transparent, so if you make a fuss, you can hear it all around you.


Since one box is for two people, it can be said that one person can occupy the width of two people, and the space in the width direction is also abundant. Table is fixed. There are hooks on the side of the aisle to hang jackets and coats.

Opening July 15

In this press release, the interior of the car is shot for a long time. That’s all there is to see. When it comes to getting in the car, you may struggle with what equipment to choose. I want to use it appropriately according to the number of people, mood, and situation at the time.


ceiling. There is a feeling that it was made by Hitachi, the screws are not exposed, and there are gaps between the panels.


Car No. 2, the entrance of premium seats. A gorgeous guest room is visible on the other side of the glass, with a “Premium Seat” label and a basket design. In addition to the car number display and the car number plate, the place where the “SPACIA X” nameplate is set is also very novel.

The “Spacia X” of the N100 series was originally made into two trainsets, N101 trainset and N102 trainset. As previously mentioned, it is scheduled to begin operations on July 15. If you add two more trains, the chances of getting on the train increase.

In addition, Ikaros Publishing is working on the “Detailed Guide to Private Railway Vehicles New Car Detailed Explanation: Tobu N100 Series ‘Spacia X'”, which is scheduled to be released on June 21, earlier than the real car start time.

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