Tips for Songkran Festival in Phuket 2024

Tips for Songkran Festival in Phuket 2024

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Thinking of spending Songkran in Phuket in 2024? You have to enjoy it! Songkran is the Thai New Year, filled with fun, water fights and special moments. It happened in April, when everything felt fresh and bright. With beautiful beaches, friendly people and exciting attractions, Phuket is the perfect place to join in the celebrations.

Phuket comes alive during the Songkran Festival. People splash water on each other which is great fun and helps everyone beat the heat. But the festival is about more than just water fights. It’s also about starting fresh, enjoying delicious food, visiting beautiful places, and learning about Thai culture.

If you’re considering traveling to Phuket for the Songkran Festival in 2024, you’re in for an adventure. From where to go, what to do and how to make the most of the festival, we’ve got some tips to help you plan an unforgettable trip. Get ready for a journey filled with amazing sights, sounds, and splashes!

Tips for Songkran Festival in Phuket

1. Book flights and hotels as soon as possible

Phuket is one of the best places to visit during Songkran in Thailand. However, since Songkran is one of the most important annual events in the country, many people tend to travel during this time. As Songkran approaches, flights and accommodation tend to sell out in advance, and prices tend to rise. Therefore, if you are planning to travel to Phuket for the Songkran Festival, be sure to book your flights and hotels as soon as possible to get the best deals.

If you are planning to travel with your family, then we recommend Sunwing, a family-friendly resort located 200 meters from Kamala Beach. It offers outstanding water features including seven swimming pools and waterslides to keep the kids entertained all day long. Family-friendly attractions at the resort include Play & Splash pool games, water polo and acrobatics/magic shows. The hotel also has a playground and a children’s club.

Ozo Phuket, on the other hand, is another great resort for families, just 150 meters away from Kata Beach. The resort has a beautiful pool with a kids waterslide and HIIT style gym. Plus, it’s just a few minutes’ walk to Kata Night Market and other exciting attractions. So if you want to spend some relaxing time at a resort in Kata Beach, or swim a few laps, or refuel at EAT with friends or family, OZO Phuket is the perfect place to have fun.

You can also visit our partner’s website “Agoda” to view more Phuket hotel options.

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2. Travel light

March, April, May and June are very hot. As you would expect, the humidity is also high here, so be prepared. Lightweight natural fabrics are preferred, and long pants and long-sleeved shirts are recommended to keep insects out. Also, wear plenty of good sunscreen, a sunhat, and good sunglasses.

2024 Phuket Songkran Festival Tips | Tiger News
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3. Travel

Transportation in Phuket is expensive, so it’s best to stay in an area within walking distance of shops, restaurants, and beaches. However, if you plan to move frequently and travel with multiple people, renting a car would be a good option. Finding a car rental company can be easy and hassle-free if you follow a few simple criteria. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we recommend booking with a reputable car rental company. Klook Travel partners with multiple car rental providers to provide the best car rental deals.

2024 Phuket Songkran Festival Tips | Tiger News
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4. What can you do in Phuket?

  • Get wet at one of Phuket’s water parks: If there’s one thing that’s special about summer, it’s water park fun. If you want to enjoy Songkran by spinning around in crazy excitement before jumping into the water, then Blue Tree is the place for you. However, if you’re looking for more relaxation, you can relax by the large swimming pool while sipping your favorite drink. You’ll never run out of things to do here, as Blue Tree offers plenty of entertainment and adventure. Your kids will love it!
2024 Phuket Songkran Festival Tips | Tiger News
Photo from: Blue Tree Hotel Phuket Facebook page
  • Island tour: Phuket is surrounded by many islands waiting to be discovered. Some destinations are easily accessible by boat, while others require some planning and effort. Therefore, joining the top Phuket tours will definitely enhance and simplify your vacation. You can sea kayak in Phang Nga Bay, hike to Phi Phi Island Lookout, explore caves or go on a snorkeling trip to discover beautiful marine life.
2024 Phuket Songkran Festival Tips | Tiger News
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  • Nice cafes to visit: Some of the best sunset spots in the world are in Phuket. Sunsets can be seen from most beaches on the West Coast, but the best way to enjoy them is with a refreshing drink. Some great places to relax in Phuket include Kata Rocks, Siena Point, and Blue Harbor Cafe. Blue Harbor Cafe is a cozy little cafe with stunning views of Tri Trang Beach. This is a great place to relax while sipping delicious cold coffee!

2024 Phuket Songkran Festival Tips | Tiger News

  • Take a bath with the elephant: Get up close and personal with elephants like you’ve never experienced before at the Phuket Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. Here, elephants can be free without worrying about keepers scolding them. During your visit you will feed, bathe and play with the animals. The package includes two traditional Thai buffet meals, water and food for the elephants.price you pay Help support future elephant rescues.
2024 Phuket Songkran Festival Tips | Tiger News
Photo from: Phuket Green Elephant Sanctuary Park
  • play golf: Phuket is home to a range of excellent golf courses, all designed to take advantage of the island’s tropical surroundings and unique topography. So, if you are a golf enthusiast, you can play golf at these stunningly landscaped courses surrounded by tropical trees and vibrant flora. Palm Lake Golf Club and Red Mountain are rated as the best golf courses in Thailand. Tinidee Golf Resort Phuket is a first-class hotel located near Palm Lake and Redhill Golf Club.
2024 Phuket Songkran Festival Tips | Tiger News
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Phuket is a great place to visit during Songkran as there are so many fun things to do. No matter what your vacation plans are, a trip to this part of Thailand is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories. Songkran is a popular holiday and ticket prices tend to increase as the festival approaches. However, it is recommended that you book in advance.

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2024 Phuket Songkran Festival Tips | Tiger News


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