Ticket holders of cancelled Siloso beach party file police reports after failing to get refund

SINGAPORE – Mr. Prakhar Goyal and his friends looked forward to celebrating his 24th birthday at a New Year’s Eve Beach Party on Sentosa Island.

Big-name music DJs such as Rave Republic, Jade Rasif and Simon Patterson are featured, as well as drone shows throughout the night.

But three days before the 2022 New Year’s Eve beach party and drone show, organizers D1 Racing sent an email to Mr Goyal and other ticket holders saying the party had been canceled because Rasif and her successor Amber Na was unable to perform that night.

Party passes cost $88, and VIP passes cost $128 and $168.

VIP pass holders are promised access to air-conditioned areas and free drinks, and top-tier tickets will give holders the chance to mingle with guest DJs and champion drone pilots.

In an email dated Dec. 28, D1 Racing offered ticket holders a redemption code to claim free tickets to next year’s party while “exploring the possibility of a refund.”

Since then, Mr Goyal and many others have been trying to get a refund for their tickets and have lodged police reports.

Mr. Goyal contacted the organizers immediately after receiving the email, saying he and his friends were not interested in attending the 2023 event, but wanted a refund.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t heard anything back from the event organizers. They just disappeared and we haven’t heard anything about future events or the possibility of a refund,” he said.

Mr. Goyal searched Facebook, Google and Telegram for others in the same situation. So far, 44 people have come forward saying they can’t get a refund.

Mr Goyal was contacted by student Min Khant, 21, who said: “When I realized the event was cancelled, I tried to get a refund instead of using a redemption code for another event that hadn’t been confirmed yet.

“After getting no response, I thought I was being scammed and called the police.”

Police have confirmed a report has been received and they are investigating the matter.

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