Three teens arrested in storefront shooting

Three teens arrested in storefront shooting

Police on Saturday arrested three teenagers in connection with the April 10 shooting at a storefront in New Taipei City after a 17-year-old man attacked the storefront with a submachine gun earlier last week.

The suspected shooter in the April 10 shooting, a 15-year-old man surnamed Zhu, admitted to firing three air pistol bullets at the pawnshop’s storefront in Tucheng District, said Xie Long-fu (Xie Longfu), chief of the Tucheng Police District Bureau.

Xie said Zhu said he carried out the attack to intimidate a pawnshop employee who had been flirting with a friend’s girlfriend.

Photo by Wu Renjie, Taipei Times

Two suspected accomplices, a 15-year-old man surnamed Huang and a 16-year-old man surnamed Zhong, were also arrested in connection with the shooting that occurred around 4 a.m. on April 10.

Police have arrested what they say is a video of the April 10 shooting, which began circulating online after Thursday’s attack on the same pawn shop, allegedly by a 17-year-old suspect surnamed Liu.

Ryu, 17, was allegedly in a taxi that stopped at around 8:52 a.m., fired more than 60 rounds into the store’s storefront, and then immediately surrendered in the same taxi to a nearby police station.

New Taipei City police chief Liao Hsun-cheng said authorities had not determined whether the two attacks were related.

Police said no one was injured in either shooting.

Liao said police are investigating the source of Liu’s weapon and the source of the video.

He said further details could not be disclosed publicly because of the ongoing investigation.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Chen Jianren said he had asked the National Police Agency to cooperate with local law enforcement agencies to crack down on illegal guns and gang activities in the country.

Chen said it was the government’s responsibility to protect citizens’ safety.

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