This summer, study abroad in the Philippines and immerse yourself in English! “Summer English Camp” recruitment is now open!

16,500 yen admission fee is free for all applicants! Repeat readers also get an additional 10% discount. Please take this opportunity to visit us.

cost4 days and 3 nights from 89,650 yen (tax included), 1 week from 174,900 yen (tax included)yes.

Compared with studying abroad, there is no need for expensive air tickets, overseas insurance, passport application fees, etc., and anyone can come here with confidence.

The charm of studying in Japan is that you can participate anytime as long as you want! There is no age limit, and everyone from elementary school children to adults can participate.

The theme of the summer camp is “Learn 10 hours a day! Fully immerse yourself in English and study abroad in the Philippines.” The course is rich in content, and the sequence of phrases is practiced through role-playing, allowing you to have fun while learning English.

Course times are as follows.

【Kawaguchiko school opening schedule】


General and English Studies Courses

2023/07/30 (Sunday) – 2023/08/05 (Sat) Available for 1 week〇
2023/08/06 (Sun)-2023/08/12 (Sat) 1 week Please contact us as soon as possible△
2023/08/13 (Sun) – 2023/08/19 (Sat) available for 1 week〇
2023/08/27 (Sunday) – 2023/09/02 (Sat) Available for 1 week〇

2023/07/30 (Sunday) – 2023/08/02 (Wednesday) 4 days 3 nights〇
2023/08/06 (Sunday)-2023/08/09 (Wednesday) 4 days and 3 nights Please contact us as soon as possible△
2023/08/13 (Sunday) – 2023/08/16 (Wednesday) 4 days 3 nights〇
2023/08/27 (Sunday) – 2023/08/30 (Wednesday) 4 days 3 nights〇

business course
2023/08/06 (Sun)-2023/08/12 (Sat) 1 week Please contact us as soon as possible△
2023/08/06 (Sunday)-2023/08/09 (Wednesday) 4 days and 3 nights Please contact us as soon as possible△

1-day schedule (example for general and intermediate levels of Eiken courses)

07:00-07:55 Breakfast

07:55-08:00 Morning activities

08:00-08:45 Pronunciation

08:50-09:35 Speech practice

09:35-10:20 Speech writing (speech exercise 2)

10:25-11:10 Preparation for role play

11:15-12:00 Role Play

12:05-12:50 Lunch

12:55-13:10 Small lunch lesson (English games, quizzes, etc.)

13:15-14:00 Quick response (Eiken second test, etc.)

14:05-14:50 Exam Strategy

14:50-15:35 Practice (word learning)

15:40-16:25 Vocabulary test answer check and writing skills

16:30-17:15 Debate

17:20-18:20 Review of the day

18:30-19:15 Dinner

19:00-21:00 Bathing (until 21:00), self-study, free activities

22:00 Lights out

(Course Outline)

General and English Studies Courses

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Specialties: English classes focus on improving all four English skills and speaking
Comprehensive Eiken® preparation with native teachers
Study in happiness and eliminate your English weakness
Small classes, max 10 people

Target: elementary school students to adults

People who want to acquire daily English conversation skills and English skills that are useful when studying abroad


Entry Level – those aiming to pass Eiken Level 3, those who want to learn English at the middle school level

Beginners – those aiming to pass Eiken Pre-2, those who want to learn English at the junior high school level

Intermediate – Aimed at those who have passed Eiken Level 2 and those who want to learn English at high school level

Advanced – those aiming to pass Eiken Level Pre-1, and those who want to acquire higher level English skills

business course

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Features: This course is designed for adults to learn expressions and skills suitable for business situations.
Take calls, emails, meetings, practice presentations, and more.

Target: Recommended by college students and office workers

Those who intend to use English at work from now on

Those who already use English at work or want to improve their business English skills

Purpose: To give lectures and presentations in English in front of participants and lecturers and to obtain feedback from the lecturers. Many business course students are preparing for an upcoming job, for example “I start a business meeting with an overseas company next week”.

Level: Upper Intermediate – English proficiency is intermediate or above (TOEIC score of 600 or above)

It doesn’t matter how trivial it is, so if you have even the slightest interest, feel free to contact us from this page.

Professional study abroad consultants will help you.

================================================= ================

General & English Research Courses (Elementary/Elementary/Intermediate/Advanced 4 classes)
business course

【Cost-effective】☆16,500 yen admission fee is free!
General and English Studies Courses
1 week: 174,900 yen (tax included)
4 days and 3 nights: 89,650 yen (tax included)

business course

1 week: 183,700 yen (tax included)
4 days and 3 nights: 95,150 yen (tax included)

The fee includes: accommodation fee, tuition fee, meal fee, entrance fee, teaching material fee, facility usage fee
The fee does not include: transportation expenses, pocket money

【Open Campus】

・Kawaguchiko School

2585-9 Oishi, Fujikawaguchiko-cho, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture Zip code: 401-0305

Standard Limited
1-30-7 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053
Tel: 03-6859-2239
Achievement English Camp official website:

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